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Extremely Painfull Pec Cramps

Just wanted to get you guys opinions. The past few months I have noticed my pecs cramp up easily after a long workout it usually happens that night if I lift my arms in certain ways. Last night I was laying down and moved my arm a little and my pec went apesh**. It convulsed and then locked up like it was trying to sever itself. I looked down and half my pec had dissapared and seemed to have shifted sides, It was like I had a surgery and lost half the muscle.

It was extremelly painfull and in my convulsions trying to fight it I started shakeing and the other one locked up too. This was about 20 seconds after the onset. The pain was extreme and I did not know what to do plus I started getting cold chills and freaking out so I layed down. My pecs did this for about 2 or 3 minutes and then unlocked themselves and went back to normal. I would have thought I had injured one of them but since both did this I am lead to beleive it may be a diet thing.

The only thing I can think of is lack of potassium since I rarely eat bannanas. Has anyone on these forumns ever experienced this? Any insight that can help me avoid this in the future would much appreciated. If it happens again I will take a picture and post it since my friends all wanna see. I am sure it will happen again since I have had recurring problems like this in my hams but this was the first time for my chest.

could be a pec minor issue

I get this whenever i sneeze. It f’n sucks…it feels like my pecs are literally trying to seperate themselves from my body. It only started like 4 years ago…but man…i feel your pain.

Try eating more oranges, bananas, strawberries, stuff like that through out the day.

You should be eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis anyways.

I may possibly be a rhomboid issue. I’ve read somewhere that when they spasm/cramp it cause the pec minor to go crazy; some say to the point of feeling like a heart attack.

this happens in my right vastus medialis after any intense leg day. When i extend my leg into full extension, my right VMO cramps up, half the muscle disappears and the other turns into this ‘ball’ shaped muscle and it fucking pulsates, weird shit. it hurts like hell. last time it happened, i got a baseball and hit/massaged the cramped up muscle until it evened out (at this point i could feel literally feel the muscle about to ball up again at any point). I dragged my ass to the kitchen, got a banana, dipped it in salt for every bite and chugged a 1/4 gallon of water. Everything was fine after that.

I get muscle spasms that literally look like something is trying to fight it’s way out of my body. They’re painful and I’ve gone to the doctor but of course it never happens at the doctor’s office and they can’t find anything wrong with me.

Mine happen more when I’m lean though. I find the less bodyfat I’m carrying, the more frequently they occur. I wish I could help but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly triggers it myself.