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Extremely Low T After Cycle

Ok i’m 22 almost 23 years old. Clean Diet Training 2 Years. First 4 months i gained 20-22kgs naturally. After training about a year I cycled quiet heavily.
12 Week Cycle
500mg Prop P/w
500mg Tren Ace

No pct =/ - I know i’m too young and shouldn’t have used tren, and should’ve Pct’d - Trust me i know, i just need some help!

Ok so i kept all strength gains and about 3 months later did another cycle.
Tri Tren 300mg p/w week 1-8
Test E- 600mg p/w week 1-10
Winstrol 350mg p/w week 6-8
Tren E week 2-8

PCT was 4 weeks nolva 40mg/day, and 100mg clomid 4 weeks

About 2 months after i got blood tested and my test levels are EXTREMELY LOW! about a quarter of the Minimum Normal Range =[, Cholesterol was extremely low, but everything else was perfect =]

I was hoping test levels would come back to normal, it has been 7 months and they have quadrupled! but i still have very low test levels.
Is this permanent?.. And it extremely weird as i have no side effects of low test! i’m stronger now than when i was on the gear? and Still sitting around 8-8.5% Bf at 186 pound. A personal training also could tell i had low test from BF test as side of peck and near my butt i had highest bf %.

Doctor has booked and endocrinologist, but i gotta wait 4 weeks to see him =[

Would it help to run another PCT this late? Should i take some form of test booster? Cycle some Test E low dose tell i see Endo?
Any advice would help!

you’re just going to have to wait and see what the endo says. Anything anyone can tell you on this forum would be, at best, an educated guess.

if you wouldn’t mind, please report back once you’ve seen the endo. Hopefully the rest of us can learn something from it

although I will say this: do NOT cycle test til you see the endo. Shutting yourself down for another 4 weeks is not going to help

Wait for the appointment. If your levels are increasing, even though not as fast as you want, you should see where that goes before running another cycle at this low of a baseline. Stay focused and resist the temptation - good luck!

Thanks Guys. Will report back once i’ve seen endo. =[ hope get my levels back up! Just changed diet a bit to get more good fats such as olive oil and tribulus atm to encourage test levels to rise until appointment.

Endo has fucked me around, and delayed appointment for another month away! Going to just cycle Test E at 400mg p/w with some anavar at 40mg/day ! and get a good pct!

Most endo’s know fuck all about steroid related problems.
You are making a mistake doing a cycle now. I know how it feels to be low T, if i was you i would attempt another pct with hcg included ans see where you end up.
Your rising test levels tell me you are still responding to LH, i think you will recover eventually.
Do not do another cycle.


You are asymptomatic, which is good…this will ikely not last if your test levels were as low as you say they were.

Did you also test for LH/FSH? This is the next step as it will determine if you are secondary (most likely and as a result of your AAS use) or primary (your balls dont produce T and didnt before but you never got it tested before).

Took advice from Singhbuilder and didn’t cycle! although was extremely tempted. After cycle i just thought i should see how my body is so i got blood work done he tested for 3 different types of test i remember one was total test which was not even a quarter of the lowest range was. The second i do not remember was was extremely low also.

And the third was Free testosterone which was about half of lowest normal range. So quite scary they so low. Second test revealed total test had double but still not in normal range whilst other test levels remained the same =S. I’m thinkin of just trying some clomid and waiting that 4 weeks to see endo :(. I will try get a print out of the tests done and report results back asap. Thanks for the support! scary reading the sides of low test!

Should i maybe try some HGH? such as jintropin to boost test levels? or any others that might help?

OK got results already wow was keen to get them up here for some help!

7th feb first testing

free test: 8.7 (60-130) ( Meaning should be between!!!- NORMAL )
Total test: 4.7 (8.3-29)

14th june
free test: 28.9 (60-130)
testosterone total: 11 (8.3-29)
dheas: 3.2 (2.2-15)

So as you can see they have increase but still low =[. Since these results i have started taking ultimate nutrition bulgarian tribulus and bulking diet currently which consists of alot of good fats to boost test levels.


I think you will be fine in the long run but you just fucked your HPTA up and its going to take awhile to get everything up to speed. As far as why this happened, and this is purely an educated guess, After your first cycle with no PCT your test was probably at super shit levels and bc no PCT was taken your test may have remained at these shit levels through the 3 months between cycles and during most of your first cycle and whole second cycle(I’m talking about your natural levels).

So in essence your natural test levels were essentially inhibited for 8 months and now your HPTA is saying fuck you. Also you don’t mention when u ran ur PCT after your second cycle but if you ran it on wk 11 you essentially wasted it because the enth was not cleared out. Once again in due time i think your levels will be fine