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Extremely High Testosterone on Testopel

I received my first insertion of Testopel pellets around 4 months ago. My doctor recommended we should start with 12 pellets at first. Everything went fine only minor discomfort for about a week. After a week started to feel really good and continued that way for about another month. Checked my levels using Labcorp at the 1 month mark and my total testosterone was 418 ng/dl.

Around the 1.5 month mark after insertion, 1 of the pellets came to the surface and expelled. And then another 1 again at the 2 month mark and finally around the 2.5 mark another 4 came out which would be the whole row of 6 that were inserted.

Went back to the doctor at exactly 3 months to have another round of Testopel inserted. We discussed this time going to 18 pellets. Well just got my labs in the mail and I was extremely shocked. Here are the numbers…

Total Testosterone 1462 ng/dl 348-1197
Free Testosterone 61.7 ng/dl 5-21
% Free Testosterone 4.22 1.5-4.2
Estradiol 57.3 7.6-42.6

I feel ok but not really awesome. Should I ask the doc for a script of Arimidex to lower my E2?? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

yes ask for a script of adex to knock e2 down.

Your experience with pellets is common. Big spike early on and then a drop off with sub optimal values.

This is one of the drawbacks with pellets dosing adex gets hard since your levels are constantly changing.

With injections once you dial it in dosing is pretty much constantly the same so it eliminates the guess work.

You might want to think about changing over to injections just to make things easier and probably get better results too.

Yeah I started out on Androgel 1.62 and that was good for about 2 weeks and then I stopped absorbing…

Testopel was a good option for me since my insurance covers it 100% after my $25 copay…my doc is really receptive on me getting my testosterone high enough to feel good…

Not sure however how much he really knows about trt though…when i mentioned shots he said it would be inconvenient cause i would have to come back to his office each time…was surprised at the number of people i told him self-inject…

So I will try and get the script for Arimidex and then go from there…

Ok I just got my rx of arimidex from Walgreens…I was thinking of taking .25 mg every 3rd day…however they come in 1 mg tablets and I’m not sure if I can cut/score the pills…they are pretty small pills to begin with…

any help would be appreciated

Get a pill cutter from CVS…it has a little tray to hold it while you slice it. Quartering a tab is no problem.

You can also dissolve it in a known quantity of vodka and dose with an oral syringe.