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Extremely High Estrogen, Lead to 2nd Gyno Surgery


Hello guys, I will be seeing a hormone specialist very soon (hopefully next couple of weeks) to discuss some issues I am currently having. I am writing this post because I know there are plenty of intelligent and knowledgeable members here who will either have some good advice or may be able to use the findings (which I will update and post on here) to learn from.

Ok so here is the issue, I have had relatively high estrogen for a long time, I know this from a couple of symptoms....Gyno, low sex drive, store abdominal fat extremely easily, hard time gaining muscle, depression, apathy, bloat/water retention, horrible pump...

I had gyno surgery and low and behold my gyno has since returned less than a year later, because you can take out the majority of the gland but I have such a hormonal imbalance that I had a feeling it would come back. I will be going back to my doctor in December to have it removed again. Also, when I try to put on muscle or weight, my weight will stay the same but my stomach will get softer and gain fat yet the rest of my body will stay the same size.

Now, yes I have used AAS HOWEVER it was AFTER I had these symptoms. While on test and an AI I keep my diet THE EXACT SAME and gain muscle extremely easily and lost abdominal fat even while putting on weight (40+ lbs). Now I know that steroids obviously help increase muscle, lose fat, blah blah but as soon as I come off and cease the AI I go right back to storing fat in my chest and stomach. I run PCT so that is not the problem. I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel on test, even a low dose of 300mg (which I still can gain a great deal of muscle on)...Currently I am not taking anything, I am lifting extremely hard, following a very clean diet and yet I continue to gain fat in the abs and chest yet nothing else grows. My sex drive is non-existant and I have good days and plenty of bad days where I have no energy.

So, I will be meeting with one of the top hormone doctors in the northeast in the next couple of weeks to discuss this. I will have bloodwork done and try to figure something out. I'm only 23 years old and I just can't live like this anymore. I will keep this thread updated with his responses as well as my bloodwork if you guys desire.

If anyone has an opinions or things that I should maybe bring up when I meet with the doctor I would appreciate that. Thank you.


Are you significantly overweight? Have you tried just taking an AI to see if that helps correct things? Since you're going to see a doc, I'd hold off till then and get a baseline hormonal workup.


You've gotten your hormones tested, havent you?

That should be the first thing you do.

Check the TRT forum for a list of the right things to get tested. Dont take no for an answer and get the results with the specific numbers, the units, and the range.


Nope, I am not overweight nor have I ever been. I'm about 6'2 210 at the moment. I've been skinny my whole life, just store fat in chest and abs.


I have gotten hormones tested in the past but because of my age (at the time 20 or 21) most doctors just don't think it's a huge deal and didn't take it very seriously. That's why I'm reaching out to a doctor who specializes in hormones and has a deep history in bodybuilding as well.


Be sure to ask your doctor to run thyroid tests as well. At your age, if your T levels are low there usually is a secondary reason. You may be able to fix that without having to resort to TRT. Check the stickies on the T-replacement forum for the tests to ask for. Post your results there for the best responses.


Very well then. Hopefully the new doc helps out with whatever needs helping.


Yeah I really do not want to go on TRT, I'm not even sure I would if given the option. I'll make sure to get all the necessary tests done to try and figure it out. Any ideas on what they may come up with to control estrogen?


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I will give the aforementioned nutritional advice a try. The only thing is that if they only have mild AI effects I doubt it will be strong enough. From what I understand it's very unlikely for gyno to come back after it's removed, especially considering I didn't use ANY supplements at all after my surgery. What are the long term effects of using an AI over an extended period of time? Outside of TRT or AI, I'm not even sure what else they would recommend unless there is some other sort of underlying issue but I am not nearly well-versed enough in this area to muster up a guess. I'll actually be speaking with the doctor this weekend so hopefully I'll have a couple other ideas to look into.


Look, do all of this stuff you and the others mentioned.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If results come back and it is not good, you may have no other option(s) besides a.)taking pharmaceuticals indefinetly or b.)feeling like shit indefinetly (how you do right now, no sex drive, lethargy, apathy, gyno)

I really hope u just happen to have some underlying, fixable medical issue. Good luck man!!


So I met with a doctor and we ordered a ton of bloodwork so that he can get a better understanding for what the underlying problem may be. As soon as I get some results I'll post the numbers in case anyone is curious to see them.


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Lol got it, I'll post the results as soon as I get them, hopefully by the end of the week or early next week.


Ok so I should be getting a call today about my full blood work, but as of right now I know that the test level came back at 101!!! That is fucking terrible, I refuse to do HRT so I'm interested to see what the next course of action will be. I'll post more as soon as I get the call from the doctor today.


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BBB, I am only 23 and from what I understand HRT is a lifetime endeavor. Granted my levels of test are almost non-existant but the thought of never producing test on my own again is frightening. I would also probably then need to be on some sort of AI for the rest of my life and I'm not sure how all of this effects my ability to have kids. Most everyone who I know that has used AAS for 20 or 30+ years all have pituitary issues now and can only get erections when they inject something into their penis (I forget the name of it).


So the doctors office called and they would like to set up an appt sooner rather than later. They said everything else was normal even estrogen which really makes no sense. They seemed to be quite perplexed that my test is so low Total was 101 and free was 11, in 2008 total was 500+ and in 2008 it was 400+. Pretty lost over here...


TRT is not the same as using AAS for 20-30 years. You should do more research. Especially in the TRT forum


Well of course it's not the same but you still run the risk of developing these issues. We are talking about taking test non-stop for the next 50+ years, I mean I'm clearly not against AAS but I would never even have run a cycle must past 10 weeks. I've been reading some of the stuff over in the T Replacement forum but still how much research is there on 23 year olds using HRT for 50 years straight? I doubt very much.