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Extremely Brutal Exercises In Your Toolbox

Good mornings. They’re sneaky. I do them and feel fine, then a couple of hours later, I literally feel like I’m getting crushed

I tend to agree with people suggesting squats as a devastating excercise - especially when done a certain way.

The HIT equivalent of squats done in 30-10-30 style will certainly catch your interest. That is starting with a 30 sec negative, followed by 10 strict regular reps, with a 30 sec negative to bust them legs. You either have a squat rack at hand or drop the barbell on the floor. Bonkers!

A “deadly” pre-exhaust variation on this theme, is the Darden superset leg killer routine, which I love: Dumbbell squats 30-10-30, followed by a 12 rep leg press during 60-90 secs, finished with a body weight wall squat 60 sec hold. If you can stand up after this, you have not done it properly. :laughing:

But, any CrossFit variation combining series of squats, burpees and sprints will eat you alive.

Pretty much all things strongman now. Stone carries, Yoke, Farmers, log clean and press for reps. For extra crushing do different ones together in a medley. I can go from 90 to 190 BPM in like 20 seconds of a 90 second event.

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