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Extreme weight loss

Ok big dilemma, need to loose fifteen pounds. As weird as this sounds I could care less if its muscle, actually I think I carry too much muscle so it would be good to lose some. Any recommendations? So far my plan is T2,md6, mild keto diet(150pro,200carbs, 40g fat). 30 min cardio in the morning, “white men can jump” and “great guns” workouts then 30 more minutes of cardio. What do you guys think? any suggestions?

if u just want to lose weight and not concerned w/ muscle loss, just have lean protein. Do high protein/low carbs and low fat. Protein shakes w/ a little extra good fats, and lean meat like chicken/turkey w/ green vegetables.

You’re focused on the athletic stuff, but really all you need to do is . . . eat less.

I used to do some modeling and one time I had to drop from 200 to 160 for a photo shoot. And I certainly didnt have 40lbs of fat to lose. It was hell. I did 1-2 hours of cardio (stepper) per day, only lifted weights 3 days per week (light workouts for about 45 minutes) and I ate moderate protein, low fat, and moderate carbs. Boy I felt like a wuss at the end of it and I only got to 165 after 2 months but it was good enough.

Dont waste money on supplements at this point or crazy diets. Just eat 3 or 4 meals per day that are low in fat and cals and do mad cardio. The weight will fall off.

Ok, my diet will stay about the same then maybe less carbs and little less fat. But, I will add about 1 more hour of cardio. Thanks so far.

It’s known that the brain needs 60g of carbs a day to function normal. So if you stuck around 100g of carbs per day, you would definitley be on a ketosis diet.

Bro, dont decrease the carbs any more. if you do 1-1.5 hours of cardio per day you will burn approximately 900 cals. You are eating 1760. Even if you weigh very little, your BMR has gotta be more than 1200 cals or so. That means that you are damn hypocaloric already. And we havent even factored in normal activity or wt training. Dont reduce the cals or carbs any more. Heck, with the high volume of exercise, you could even eat a bit more. If you go too low on the cals you wont have the energy to do the cardio intensely and then your time in the gym will be very inefficient.

You will never be in ketosis at 200 g. of carbs a day. You should maybe do a real keto diet (less than 30g. of carbs a day) or a fat fast.

if you want to shed the muscle and fat rapidly to reach your 15lb goal, dont go into ketosis. as I said you will be burning tons of cals with the exercise.

Ok, Im starting tomorrow and my cals. are scheduled to be at 2000 or a bit below that. Mr. Berardi what do you think of going with t2 and md6 for that month? also, the reason Im doing the “white men can jump” workout is because I play basketball and need to keep my strength, it is a good idea? After the month of june hopefully I’ll go into camp with Ideal weight and begin my offseason training with correct measurements and be free of dieting and work out for strength.

Any strategy focused toward losing muscle on purpose is both stupid, and unhealthy.

Ok, ok. Since you are an athlete (which I didnt know in the first place) you have special concerns. You should be trying to preserve your muscle, bud. My strategy in this case would be to do the programs you are doing with the 1 hour of cardio per day. Again, since you are an athlete you dont want to be on a keto diet. Your diet looks good at 2000 cals per day. MD6 is ok as is T2. Just work hard, dont blow the diet or skip workouts, and you will come into preseason strong and lean.