Extreme Weight Gain

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson went from 115kg skinny basketball player to 200kg WSM finalist in 2 years (according to WSM coverage over here in England)

He’s 6’9. So am I. I went from 100kg to 130kg in a year.

How the fuck did he do it? How many calories a day would this take? How much did the roidz add?

Also of interest I just saw Laurence Shahlehei squat 325kg 8 times with a barbell (not some usual WSM contraption) - does this sound doable even for someone with a 400kg+ raw squat?

well it comes out to around 900 calories over maintenance each day, sooooo a crap ton of food. What impresses me more is that he became a WSM finalist after training for it for 2 years, that’s insane.

325 kgs for 8 reps sounds about right for a 400 kg+ squatter.

325 for 8 is definitely possible for someone squatting over 400 assuming that they are just as proficient at performing medium rep sets as one rep sets.

As far as how he put on nearly two pounds a week for two years (around 185 pounds)… that just takes some hard core dedication.

Transformation pics:

June 2009 (hard to tell how much he weighs here):


Holy fuck, even at 115kg his legs were huge.

Re Bigloz’s squat its definietly possible as HE DID IT.

Forget teh roidz with Thor, and forget thinking theres an easy way to go about things, he probably ate like a madman and is genetically gifted to hold weight and to be strong, hence how he was able to get to WSM with only 2 years of training.

To be fair most people squatting with that contraption were doing so a few inches above parallel… the exception was the Norweigan whose stance was pretty close and the commentators were remarking how deep his squats were (i assume you mean the heat last night)