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Extreme Training Segmentation



Any of you guys try this approach? I just got home from my job on board a tanker - ship - and i will be home now for a month with no responsibilities or work.

My weeks will look like this.

Monday - Press day
Tuesday- Off maybe some walking
Wednesday - Deadlift day
Thursday - Off
Friday - Bench day
Saturday - Squat day
Sunday - Off

I will be starting this week off Today though with a squat day. I will be using the front squat and back squat today and some ab work.


Worked up to a comfortable triple with the FSQ continued using the back squat up to a comfortable triple then i added 5KG to my top set and done 5 quick singles - just seemed that simple approach somewhere on the indigo project. Excellent workout.

Since this is my first squat workout in a longtime i don't think i'll be doing a micro session today but i will be with the upper lifts and most likely deadlifts.


Extreme training segmentation is in a live spill by thibs. The program you have laid out here isnt it. I tried it and its not my thing. I prefer just spreading two or three sessions through out the day when I have the time.