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Extreme Talking

Yesterday I had to find a gym to train at because I am not at home. However, I was surprised at how much it is to train for one day($10)! I guess this is how the man gets you to buy memberships. Anyway since my dad is retired military I can used the gym on military bases for free with my ID card. When I found a military base with a decent gym, I was kinda excited because I figured if there might be a group of people who train with some kind of focus it would be these people.

When I get tp the gym I go over in the corner and set up shop at the squat rack. Next to me is a deadlifting platform, where two guys are curling, and then a power cage, with racked wieght in it but nobody around. I start to warm-up to do some deadlifting, I will be doing 10 x 3 for d-lifts and puss press with 90 sec rest between sets.

Just before I begin my first set some guy comes up to the power cage unloads the weight raises the bar and puts on 135. I assumed for squats. Then a friend of his comes up and they begin talking. I’m done with 5 sets by now, then 7, then 10, then 3 into push press, 6 sets, and finally done with push press. All this had to have taken 35-40 min at the most and they hadn’t done anything. OMG!!! If there was a gold medal for not doing shit in the gym these guys would have the gold.