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Extreme Swiss Ball Training


"Do I look bored to you?"


Damn! Mindfuck. So awesome, yet so ridiculous.


LOL @ at the music.


to each their own

though, why is there not any kettelbell work?


Wow. You cant deny the dudes ability but that is the dumbest and one of the most unsafe acts Ive seen people do for fitness. Especially the jumping from ball to ball.


I bet the Parkour kids at my gym will be emulating that crap this month.

That guy looks like shit and people will still buy into that...


I really can't tell if this is a parody or not. If it is...it's fucking hilarious. If it's not...it's fucking hilarious.


Calling the T-Nation member who had the avatar of a guy doing some wierd backflip thing off a Swiss ball...



"What can this DVD do for you?"

Get you seriously injured...


What a fool.

About all doing that stuff will do for you is make you good at doing that stuff.

What I mean is how much more fitness ( by any criteria except balance) would you develop doing this? How many fools will get injured trying to add stupid jumps onto another ball?

Why not just squat and do Sudoku puzzles to show how non-bored and beyond you are?


He has a lot of BALLS.