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Extreme Stretching Frequency and Progression


Is extreme/dc stretching something that can be done after every session? I switch between extreme stretching and lighter stretches sometimes. Is this something that is meant to be progressed on? This is part of my training that I don't usually keep track of, I do it when I'm done lifting and I usually walk out the door when I'm finished.

If someone could point me to some good articles or forums (I'm not sure what the name of the forum about this is called) that would be great.


The DC stretches are done every sessions

Yes, it is meant to be progressed on

You should aim for a stretch of 60-120 secs. On the weigted ones, when you reach 120 secs, increase the weight

Obviously, for some of these stretches (biceps, quads, hamstrings, shoulders) you wont really be able to progress as far as the weight is concerned. In those cases tough, you can play with the tension using your own body.

The DC stretches are done after you are done with a muscle group (not at the very end of the session)