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Extreme Squat....WTF


This is rediculous



I could do that


Now thats functional training! Stupid for most... impressive to watch!!!


I don't think he hit parallel on all reps. Let's go to the judges....


The bars too high on his neck ... way unsafe...


Skill. But so what?
Maybe good for a Vaudeville act... not good for bodybuilding.


I say a guy doing that on a bosu ball on my gym with a 135 barbell
He was with his buddy who was doing standing oblique twist on another bosu at the same time in the corner of the gym.

I used to play ice hockey with him


I am waiting for the day when I see someone do this and they roll their ankle and snap it and fall on their ass.

Then again, it wont stop people from doing stupid shit like this.


Ah Findlay! That's Jim's gym. The people around here just eat that up. They talk about it all the time like he's a weightlifting god.


No offense, but it reminded me of a bear in circus.


i almost feel bad that the entire time i was watching it i was chanting, "fall, fall, fall..."


Why's that not surprise me that happened in Ohio? :slight_smile:

Heeeey now, just jokin'. My heart's in Florida, anyway.

Oh yeah, about the video. I don't want to be able to squat 135 x 4 on a Bosu Ball. Why work so hard for that? I'd be happy with, ya know, 75 x 25 or something like that. Guess I just don't want to do what it takes to be functional.



Was I the only one freaked out by the bug eyed chick to the right of the screen?




How many times is this video going to be posted?


Apparently more than what you like. This isn't exactly something I would search for. Obviously there are some people that haven't seen it. You didn't have to watch it....again. Get over it.


Wow I saw a picture of this before, never the video though. I thought it was fake...


I didn't watch it. I am just surprised it keeps on popping up. This is about the third or fourth week in a row where this has been posted.


Functional movement pattern, for a circus performer...


I'd call him retarded, but that'd be making fun of retards