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Extreme Soreness

Well I got back about 2 weeks ago from a trip to Germany for a month with my family. I started going back to the gym on Tuesday. I was stupid and kept on going with the weight I had been using before I left and didn’t work up to it at all.

Now mostly my left bicep, chest, and left shoulder are extremely sore, like my left bicep hurts to touch. Am I right that this is because of me being stupid and not working up to the weight? Also any ways to get rid of soreness would be greatly appreciated.

Hah. Well… I know how you feel. Its hard to type at the moment I’m so freakin sore. Especially on the inside of my arms.

I just take 800mg motrin and that usually does the trick.

mega-dosing fish oil throughout the day + proper P+C PWO nutrition

Try a PWO shake, 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, right after you lift. I’ve found they help with soreness.

Could have torn something. Ice it, and don’t use it for a week. Then stretch it until it has the same ROM as it used to.

Sore!? After lifting!?! No way =P

I did biceps Tuesday and it hurts to fully extend my arm still.

I agree with forevernade. Just be cautious. Warm it up and stretch it out. If you have full range of motion, then its probably not a tear. After you are done stretching it and using it, ice it, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

My arm only hurts at the end when I fully extend my arm. Also it hurts to flex or stretch it out if I have had it folded up or if I was laying on it. The pain isn’t quite as bad(I think) so I’m hoping it will be gone in a day or two.