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Extreme Soreness in Arms?

This is going to sound weird:

I would like to experience extreme soreness in my upper arms(both triceps and biceps). I just want to do this once for fun. In the last 8 months I’ve had soreness maybe three times and all were mild and in the biceps.

If it matters I train mostly in low reps(with the exception of rows), so I suppose something in high or very high reps(BB Style) might be useful/preferred.

I’m interested in having my arms so sore I won’t be able to move them. If you know of any program or something in particular you did that can give me that type of soreness it would be great.

Take a week from lifting, and then come back to 5x5, 8x12reps & 3x20 all one after the other, in variations of curls and skull crushers.


Well I can’t really recommend a program soley based on soreness alone, but soreness with results would be something along the lines of the EDT arms routine.

It falls in with what I believe(progression) and will likely make it hard to take your shirt off afterwards. I know regular EDT did it for me for awhile… what’s that Dan John saying, worked so good I stopped? That’s how that program was for me .

Don’t eat for 3 hours after you workout.

work out once with someone’s “armday” who is way more experienced and does a lot of volume.

sure thing

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
Don’t eat for 3 hours after you workout.[/quote]

How true.

This is what I do when i don’t like my arms. I usually get tendonitis if I keep it up for more than a couple weeks, which is why I’m taking a week off right now for being a dumbass.

Wave load to a 1rm. Do singles followed by negatives. Finish with drop sets.
Wide grip weighted to failure until you can’t do a single. Reduce weight and repeat with close grip. Reduce weight and repeat with neutral grip. side to sides 3 sets to failure.
Incline (DB or BB)
Bent over rows
Weighted 6x6
Lat Pulls
3 drop sets
Non weighted
6 sets to failure
Incline Curls
tate press
Concentration curls
Tri pushdowns w/ strong band to failure x3
Tri pushdowns w/ meduim band to failure x3

[edit]bent over rows should read

Good god

Poliquin has some great arm routines that will totally blitz them. Do a search on this site.

sweet sweet soreness. sometimes i think bodybuilders are a bunch of masochists. me too.see the pain is slow sweet yessss.almost orgasmic.endorphins pulsating thru ur body.sure its a nice feelin.
being sore means u did something rite in gym yest.