Extreme Scapula/Rhomboid Pain

So I have had this problem for about 7 months and it keeps getting worse and worse. My shoulders/scapulas don’t feel like they are in place or something just feels off. If I retract my scapulas at all (seated rows, face pulls, etc…) or bring them in any kind of down motion (lat pull downs, eccentric phase when doing shoulder presses) I feel like my shoulder blades or muscles are overlapping or something just isn’t right. I have many tender spots all over my mid/upper back. If I do ANY kind of pushing exercise like benching or pushups, I’m fine that same day but then the next day and then for about 4 more days my whole mid and upper back is in extreme pain and very tender. I think it is hitting a nerve after I do pushing exercises because not only will it be very painful, but ill be extremely tired and just don’t feel good for a few days. I went to a chiro for 6 months and they only made it worse I think. I just recently started going to a PT and they said I have tight upper traps and weak mid/lower traps and a right winged scapula. Ive also been stretching my pecs and anterior delts a lot hoping that will help. anyone please have any advice?? this is effecting my life tremendously. Ive attached some pics of my retracting my scapula and it looks uneven.