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Extreme Pain Post Squatting

Hi everyone. I’ve recently had a possible injury that I haven’t got checked out yet because I thought it wasn’t too serious.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I was squatting relatively heavy weight (5 by 5 workout), and on my last rep, I heard and felt a crack somewhere in my body. (I went down for a deep squat, this might’ve been the reason possibly?) I’m not sure where to pinpoint this, but to where I felt the crack, it felt like where my femur connects to my hip bone. I’ll post a picture and put a red circle to where I felt it. I do believe that I may have gone a little too heavy, as I wasn’t feeling too confident that day and that was probably an issue that led to this.

I did some research, but to no avail. Some might say it’s probably tailbone / coccyx pain, but I’m certain it’s something else. The pain is somewhat consistent, but I’ve tried to workout my legs today and when I squat down, the part where my femur connects to the hip gets really irritated and just causes pain and discomfort.

If anyone has any idea what it could be, it would be great. I am going to go to the doctor’s to get it checked out, but wanted some other people’s input.

How bout seeing a doctor and not some random forum dudes?
We cant know what happened just because of where the pain is.

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Yeah go see a doc who may just end up referring you on to a physio or physical therapist anyways but you got no idea what you’re doing so it’s gonna better anyways.

For now avoid aggravating movements or activities and do stuff that eases the symptoms like resting.

Maybe write up what’s happened in detail and with a timeline so you don’t have to remember the info and pass it on to whatever healthcare provider you see.

See a

Thanks for your awesome reply, love it!