Extreme Pain After Injecting

this is my first post on this site.

i started my cycle of test E last week, i injected on monday night… the next morning i was very sore i had to walk with a limp till thursday but it wasn’t extreme pain. on thursday night it was time for my 2nd injection… btw I’m using test E 250mg. the next morning woke up and i could not get out of bed as the pain was unreal…

once i stood up i can feel extreme pain its like i get stabs in my muscle every time my heart beat and lots of pressure when i stand up. it was swollen but nothing crazy… the pain didn’t go away or decreased until the following thursday… i had to take a week off work and couldn’t go to the gym. i started reading online and people were saying its a virgin muscle but i got off my last cycle 6moths ago and was injecting test prop. which hurts more than test E and didn’t get this sore.

on thursday i injected in the morning after a hot shower, while at work i could feel my injection site starting to hurt by the end of the day i was paralyzed again… extreme pain pressure i can’t bent my leg. i inject in side quad.

is this going to keep on happening? what could be the problem? i inject slow and put the oil under hot water… massage etc…

What size needle are you injecting with?

Are you using pharma-grade test from a reliable source (like a pharmacy)? This kind of pain is very unusual. You could have a reaction to the oil used.

Maybe you are poisoning yourself with a substance that isn’t what you thnk it is.

Before I started getting my T from Walgreens, I was buying it from doctors office/compounding pharmacy. I had no idea since I was new to TRT, paid like $250 for it, until a family member who is a pharmacist told me it was a rip off and get it at the local pharmacy.

There was a time that after injections from the compounding pharmacy T, it felt like I had a golf ball in my glute and I limped for a week, as well as broke out in red rash around injection site. I will never trust anything but a pharmacy with brand name T from now on.

I was so worried about the money I spent that I kept the compounding pharm vial…and every once in a while would try it again in very small dose, same reaction. I think after the 3rd attempt I said forget worrying about the money and threw it out!!!