Extreme or Regular Diet Pre-Surgery?

Hey gents,

I’m having surgery in August. The surgery is a touch up to a surgery I had 2 years ago. I had skin removed around trunk and legs. They couldn’t get it all the first major surgery. They did a small clean up a year later. Now it’s time for the rest.

I have to pay for this last one but at a much reduced cost. The leaner I am the less it will cost.

The question is:

  1. Do I keep dieting as normal, trying to average 1lbs to 2lbs a week?

  2. Can I ramp up cardio and reduce calories more than normal. Then reverse diet after surgery?

If you feel like 2 is doable, how would you go about it?

Currently train 5x a week. Cardio 5x a week at 30 minutes. Keto + Intermittent fasting at 2000 Cal’s per day (Eating window is 4 hours)

Currently 210lbs at 15% bf. I’ve been in maintenance mode for the last couple of months. Now it’s time for PAT (Pain Agony and Torment). On TRT at 250mg per week. Have Pharma Primo tabs and can run it at 100mg a day if necessary.

Any advice, whether you think it’s 1 or 2 or even a third option. My ears are open.