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Extreme Nutritonal Measures For Poor People


Have any of you ever been too poor to pay for the diet you need to progress? Are you still too poor currently?

I have real arguments with my Mom and sister over nutrition. They believe they can lose weight by not eating and in fact now they're just getting fat but besides the point. They refuse to spend money on good food. My Mom instead spends money on things such as mobile/cell phone top ups, habits such as smoking and drinking and really useless things that are needless.

So I am stuck with a few items of food to use. Tuna, bacon, milk, pasta... Having these are periodical and on occassion we will have some meatballs and chicken. Vegetables and fruit are even rarer although I love them. Also when I eat these food items my Mom actually shouts at me as though they are there for any other reason than to be ate. (Stupid woman)

I have been looking for a job here now for 6months and no damn luck... So I can't buy my own food yet and even if I did I'm sure they would just eat it to spite me.

So I would like to know if any of you have had or have a similar situation and how you got around it. I mean I want to hit 160lbs as soon as possible whilst getting leaner or maintaining current leanness. Any ideas of good food items that are dense in calories that I might be able to convince my Mom to buy?

I also live in England so please buying in bulk isn't really an option here..


Have legumes constitute the bulk of your diet: complex carbs, protein, and fiber all for pennies a serving. Eggs are probably the best value for your dollar, buy whole chickens (NOT just breasts, those cost twice as much), look for sales/clip coupons.

Collard/mustard/turnip greens are very nutritious and are incredibly cheap..I havn't bought spinach in a long time since discovering those.


Chicken, beans, and rice.

Really cheap, lots of protein, lots of fiber, and quality carbs.

If you take up a cooking class you could learn to make a 101 meals out of those three main ingredients that are delicious.



This is exactly what I did