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extreme nausea during meltdown I

Today was my first meltdown training session. Even with doubling my rest intervals from 120 seconds to 240 seconds I still felt nauseated. After the 3rd superset, I felt so nauseated I had to go to the bathroom and since I hadn’t eaten dry heave for a couple of minutes. I felt better afterwards though. Has anyone else experienced similar feelings of extreme nauseau following Meltdown I. If so, will every workout be like this? Will I eventually adapt and not feel so sick. I would appreciate any feedback.

                Thank you,
                Bruno N.

First of all, how is your water intake? Don’t forget your H2O. Next what is your diet, since I’m not familiar with the Meltdown? If it is low carb that may be the reason as well. Many feel people get nauseated on low-carb diets.

That’s perfectly normal. I thimk it’s the lactic acid buildup. It happens to me with HST when i’m on higuer reps. Don’t worry.

Agree with Jay.

Another thing to consider: are you at, or near, your maximum Heart Rate? (With something like “Meltdown”, and by your description, you probably are).

As one approaches their maximum Heart Rate, more and more blood is shunted AWAY from the G.I. tract (leading to feelings of nausea and even vomiting). This is just ONE more reason why increased aerobic capacity ultimately leads to more efficient workouts.

(P.S. while more efficient and “accurate” ways of arriving at your maximum Heart Rate are available, the “200-age” is a close enough starting point).

Your key will be to 1)rest until the nausea begins to subside and 2) increase you aerobic endurace. ALSO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE!

Hope this helps!

I drink at least 15 cups of water a day. But your right, I am starting a pretty low carb diet. But that day, I had worked out on an empty stomach (prebreakfast) and the day before I had eaten normally (normal amount of carbs).

                 -Bruno N.

Bruno, are you portuguese?

Actually I was born in Brazil but I am of Japanese descent. Close enough though. How did you know I speak portugese?