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Extreme Hunger


I’m fairly new to weight lifting. When I do a heavy workout, I notice that I’m VERY hungry about 2 days later.

I’m trying to lose fat at the same time so I don’t want to go crazy eating but the hunger is just incredible.

What’s happening and how can I help myself?


dude are you starving yourself?

don’t tell me you work out and do not adaquetely provide your body with enough nutrients to atleast sustain your lean mass.

you need to provide us with certain stats like
height, weight, approximate BF(rough guess at best).

how many calories you are eating per day, what kind of nutrition plan you are following.

usually i think you would have an increased appatite from lifting the day of or the day after. not two days after, but i suppose that is possible if you excessively delay certain nutrients.

well, how much you weigh, your body type, age, etc. would be helpful.

are you eating before and after workouts, eating breakfast and so on?

If you are just starting weightlifting, you will be burning many more calories than you were before, so that may be the reason for your increased hunger. If you eat enough and eat clean, you should be able to lose fat and gain muscle.

The holy grail of body building is losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Some people say steriods does it, some people say attention to diet does it and some beleive it’s genetic.

I guess it’s possible to do with enough discipline and attention but nobody can tell you how to do that.

Losing and hungry??

Get the protien at the right level the fats at the right level post w/o simple carbs and LOAD the hell up on all the green veggies you can handle.

That and drink a TON of water.