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Extreme HOT-ROX But Low Fat %


I have gained about 13 lbs in the past 2 months cause I have really wanted to gain weight. So right now I am at 160lbs at 5'7. I have gained some fat but assume I am not higher than 9% body fat. I was wondering if it would hurt for someone like me to take Extreme HOT-ROX to really cut up?

Could anything about this product not be safe for someone like me? Thanks for any help.


Based on what youve written, Hot-Rox Extreme is perfect for you.


It would be good if you wanted to lose more fat and not get any bigger. Most people would say your still not big enough... but that is up to you to decide.


put on another 15-20 pounds and it might be worthwhile to use.


I'm also 5'7" and 160 lbs, getting great results from HOT-ROX extreme thru 8 days usage. But I have the skinniest bone frame you can imagine. 128 lbs at the same height at one time. I'd guess as of right now I've put on 21 lbs muscle and 11 lbs fat over time. If I can get to 26 and 6 I'd be happier.

I take one HOT-ROX Extreme, twice a day. I took 2 upon waking last Saturday. It was barely OK since I was mowing and other moderate yardwork. I stay at 1 during the week because I work in a cube farm. Two would cause problems given my weight and physically restricted job, lol.