Extreme HIT for weight-loss purposes?

Dr. Darden,

In the light of your current views, what an optimal weight-loss program would be?

  • Would it be a good idea to use Extreme HIT? If so, what adjustments in terms of frequency, volume and intensity would you recommend?

  • What about the Killing Fat program with the updated 30-10-30 protocol (not to failure, negatives 10-20 instead of 10-10-10)?

  • Or maybe a somehow adapted version of Bodyfat Breakthrough (30-30-30) which reportedly have shown the best fat-loss results?


If you are over 60 years of age, I’d recommend the 10-10-10 method of training. Under 60, there are choices.

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Interesting thread!

Dr. Darden has long written about descending calorie diets. Few others have covered this subject.
It seems to reason, adaptive energy supply would be lower during dietary episodes. It is well known that the best way to lose weight is to restrict calories. Dr. Michael Mosley uses 800 daily caloric intake with good results. Thus, exercise modality would seem to matter little in regards of weight loss. Strict dietary methodology would matter a great deal more than a choice of exercise modality.
That being said, eccentric exercise might warrant extra attention due to less energy needed to perform such a methodology. Grist for the mill! However, much more should be explained to elucidate descending calorie diets to control hunger urges. Control of blood sugar most likely trumps any other dietary aspect including protein needs. Blood sugar can be improved with low glycemic carbohydrates, ie beans!
Enough said!

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@PetkoCM depends if you are trying to lose a bit of weight, a lot of weight slowly or a lot of weight fast. If the first 2 I would suggest v.low calorie intake, as per 800 per day, is too low. Too hungry/weak to train, and thereby gain other health benefits. Hence the HIT question becomes irrelevant.
If the mission is the 3rd then a more significant reduction in calorie intake may be appropriate.

Slower weight losses allow more friendly strategies such as, time resticted eating, Int fasting, consumption of strategically good foods (veggies etc), Protein and other supplements …

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Just to clarify:

800 calories per day is not too low for dietary purposes.

What is the Fast 800 diet? | BBC Good Food.

Maybe, technically, if you squint. But in the real world, the odds are against it working long term. Even if you can stick with it, there is gonna be a rebound. A rebound Dennis Rodman would be proud of.

Anything substantive to add?

Just my opinion. I don’t believe that would be sustainable. You lose weight with fasting or fasting mimicking dieting on certain days of the week. Or very low calorie diets.

But what about one year after the ordeal? Or six months. Or three months. There are exceptions, and I’m sure you can cite them, but they are a very small percentage.

From your link,
“Very low-calorie diets (VLCDs), such as those supplying 800 calories or less, can lead to rapid weight loss, but may not be suitable for safe for everyone and they are not routinely recommended. Typically, these sorts of diets are only followed if you have an obesity-related complication which would benefit from such rapid weight loss.”
Which was my point about how much weight @PetkoCM wants/needs to lose. Unfortunately he cant be bothered to engage in his own thread so we dont know his circumstances.

Substantive enough for you ?

I had two friends that did the 800 calorie diet, one male and one female, it worked, and they were instructed not to perform any type of exercise

“Not to perform any type of exercise” is a complete waste of time for most people around here.

I’d be shocked if they didn’t lose weight on an 800 cal diet. And yeah they would not need any exercise on top of that lol. I’m not sure if you would feel like exercising after few days of that, or even if you could to any useful degree.

Nobody with real life coaching experience prescribes any extreme diet or training pgm to a person who has not revealed their circumstances. Just because they have read an outlier approach from a study somewhere,

Totally agree, i told them to get off of it…eat sensibly and workout

After a month, they did

Just to be crystal clear:

The DIRECT study showed weight loss occurs with an accompanying decrease in type 2 diabetes symptoms during the 8 weeks of duration.

Of course a bodybuilder’s diet would be different and most likely include a “kitchen sink” of drugs and supposedly beneficial supplements.

The original post was of “optimal weight loss.”
This is why I commented, not to be argumentative with regards what experienced trainers might recommend. If you ask 100 trainers a dietary question, you most likely get 100 different answers.

Then they were instructed wrong!

Chapter 8 of “The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet,” is entitled Getting Active. This details several exercise modalities, including strength training.

So much for accuracy! No wonder HiTers are so 1970’sish!

they are not HITers, so i have no freaking clue what you are trying to say here

I don’t believe that was the diet they were on…had nothing to do with diabetic or blood sugar

@atp_4_me Well I am not a HITer but i dont feel the need to accuse them of living in the 70s, eating kitchen sinks or taking drugs.

So what do you base your own training pgm and diet on ? And how would you extrapolate that to the the possible thrust of the orginal question.

Get your facts straight please!
Otherwise, you get ignored