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Extreme HIT 30-10-30, Substituting Machine Exercises for Free Weights

I apologize if this has been asked before. Is there an advantage of free weights other than avoiding internal friction on negatives with machines? I have access to nautilus machines, hammer strength, cables and free weights. Machines would be a bit more convenient to set up given the short rest periods and free weights receive a bit more crowding than machines at the gym I frequent.

I would prefer to sub out barbell benchpress for HammerStr chest press, gironda like dip with assistance bands, or gironda-ish dip like movement with high cables. I know program creators probably hate meddling with the exercises. But I’m trying to adapt to my specific situation. Mainly my issue is not wanting to do barbell pressing without a spotter. My gym has a slick SuperCat type squat jumping machine that may be slick for this style of training. Thanks in advance.

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Just my worthless opinion but I think there are many options of exercises that can be substituted on most any of these programs mentioned on this site so long as you get the feel you desire.

Make your substitutions. They will work fine.

Your opinion is FAR from worthless. You are one of the most valuable contributors here!

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Thank you. I bought the extreme 30-10-30 and killing fat. And I just finished my first training session.

Seems you have your answer.

I’ll add that I’ve always thought that machines were better suited for long duration reps (30 to 60 second reps) and the kind of To-Failure training that Dr. Darden has previously recommended. Machines allow you to better isolate a muscle group, focus on fatigue in that muscle, and focuse on the prescribed speed of movement, without the distraction of having to worry about controlling the path of a free weight as you fatigue and/or approach failure.

I think he began writing programs that included free weights after the popularity of Nautilus began to wane, and fewer people had access to such gear. Of course, now most big box gyms have lots of machines, just not necessarily Nautilus.

Thanks Jeff! I greatly appreciate what you have to say as well!

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I just wanted to add that I used HammerStrength leg extension, SuperCat type (padded arms that go over shoulder) squat machine, Hammer Str chest press , high cable close grip lat pull down , Dumbbell OH press, EZ curl bar bicep curl . I feel “stimulated not annihilated”
I look forward to doing the whole program .

Work on your form on each exercise until it is perfect.

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Yes. I could see that. Focusing on form and on tempo is a challenge.