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Extreme HIT 30-10-30: Progression? Warm-ups? More Questions

Good morning Dr. Darden, I am new to HIT 30-10-30 training, I finished the program and I have a few questions:

  1. What is the progression within the program, it would be once you get to make the 30-10-30 you gain weight or you must finish the entire program and then increase the weight.

  2. What are the weight parameters to lift to develop a muscular body. (bench press, row, squat, military press)

  3. Warming up, must be done or should not be done; I tried both and realized that when I was doing it I had more pumping in my muscles than when I was not doing them. If the protocol is done; I only performed 1 series of 5-8 repetitions with 50% of the weight to be performed and a slow cadence; only multi-joint exercises (bench press, low pulley row, military press, squats)

  4. In squats it is normal to work your lower back.

  5. We must add exercises for the buttocks and lower back such as deadlift stiff legs since they are not prescribed within the program or only squats are enough.

  6. I think this program would be great if it programmed specializations of different parts of the body for 1 or 2 weeks to be able to train all the parts of the body.

thanks for your reply.

Really all your questions have been answered in the other threads on the subject. I suggest reading them. There’s alot of VERY GOOD information in them.

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Alternate the SLDLs with Squats — DON’T add them on top of the rest of the regimen!

If you have access to a sled-style (or better yet a pivot-type) hack squat machine, you can make sure you get Glutes and Quads and hams all in one fell swoop!

Hey Matt , just to let you know my Facebook got hacked and I’ve been shut out of it so if you’ve sent me a post and I didn’t return it that’s why.

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Dr. Darden,

do you train any of your clients or yourself using any of the old routines from your nautilus books of the 80s, other than 30-10-30 or 30-30-30…I.e. 10 to 12 exercises 8-12 reps with a 2/4 cadence to not failure…for variety…or is everything strictly a variety of the 30 second negative routines from your latest writings?