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Extreme Hip Tightness (Right Side)


So I have an office job (I think I should say that from the get go) and I sit most of the day. I also weight lift. Recently, after doing a day of deadlifts and jumping hops (quads) I have had tightness/soreness in my psaos, hips, and right leg in general.

I've strectched out, doing the "runner's stretch" and other types of leg stretches. I tried an anti inflammatory. Nothing is really working, do you guys have any recommendations? Should I stay away from leg work for the week and just to upper body?


I've been dealing with same thing recently. I've continued to lift heavy but have cut out jogging/basketball(basketball REALLY aggravated it for me) and have been stretching a TON. I also got some deep tissue work done a couple weeks ago and am thinking about going again. Im not going to say its 100% but my body has been out of alignment for many years, I dont expect it to be fixed in a month. Just make you warm up a ton before your lower body lifts.

Also while at work make sure you stand up every once in a while and move around/stretch it out a bit.

Hope this can help some.



You'll both be fine in two weeks give or take a few days.


Try strengthening your hip flexors and ab/aductors. The intuitive response is to stretch, but I found (after therapy) that the problem was muscular imbalances. You'll never be able to stretch enough to fix it. I've tried.