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Extreme Girl Talk


I'm not sure where the best place to post this with would be.

Has anyone used these before? Heard about them? They seem like they'd be great for any woman, but especially so for an athlete.


Ive researched them, i can't make it past the idea of a puddle waiting to spill.


I've heard of them and can't think of a single thing about them that would be appealing.

They're kinda weird, unnecessarily complicated, and eco-friendly. I bet if you post this in a crossfit forum, they'll be all about them.


yep, I have a couple friends that use that thing..although it's called the diva cup?

I personally do not have any experience with it..looks scary and uncomfortable! If I'm picturing it right.


Ohh! girl talk!

I have friend who uses this (diva cup) and she basically had no choice but to start using it b/c when she turned 30 her period got too heavy for tampons (like, doubling up on tampons...yikes). She says its fine, minus the fact that it looked like a crime scene after she took it out for the first time and that like tampons it does have its leaky moments.

Anyways, I'd def use it! no more tampons or pads sounds great to me. In fact I always mean to get one, but then i get lazy.


oh my, I think I've been living in the dark ages. I never knew something like this existed.

all I think is messy....

I was looking around the Amazon site, and Go Girl female urination device, how good that would be for camping trips !


ewww...i don't think that's a great idea at all :{





FWIW, I think the pee thing looks cool.


i've had roommates who swear by them. Living in europe, even the regular tampons are messy because there's no applicator. But please, it's just a little blood. I think it's probably better than putting bleached cotton in and out.. probably a lot less irritating and drying to the epithelium. I might give it a try one day if I see one. I dont think it's gross.


I swear by non-applicator tampons. First because I am a friend of the planet and applicators seem redundant considering the fact that I have fingers (and know how to use them - hi-o! gross). And second because I actually pinched my vaginal wall using a plastic applicator when I was a teen! You know the round tipped one that opens up like some sort of medieval device.
And since then I have always used Ob.

/end period story time


A pee cup? What about a poo cup?! Go Girl #2. HAH! runs out to get a patent

don't nobody gonna steal my idea!

QFP (quoted for patent)


hahaha.... OUCH GIRL! ah well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't 'grossed out' by my body parts, etc. I also have a similar applicator horror story.. The first time I put one in.. I think I was 12.. I didnt know the applicator was just for applying. So I left it in all day with the applicator. OUCH. and OOPS.


I'm with Maschy. I love OB. It gives me an excuse to touch myself.


My hippie sister in law uses those. I tried using the Instead cups before - similar idea, but disposable - and could never get them to seal right.


i'm not afraid of blood or touching myself... i'm just already SO GOOD at leaking that i would be the one who's entire cup runneth over. no thanks. not sayin i wouldnt try it, but i'd hire a towel boy for the afternoon.


LMFAO about poo cup!!!

i'm a non-applicator girl, too. tampax seem to expand lengthways which isn't very comfortable and i found they would leak down one side even though they weren't full. the school nurse suggested carefree (don't think you can get them in the US) that expand widthways. took me a bit to get used to no applicator but now i find it a lot more comfortable because you can feel the change in angle for better placement IMHO.

i've heard about the cups...

i guess what worries me most about them is cleaning them on removal. not something you would want to do in a public bathroom...


I have one of the diva cups. I prefer OB tampons, but I fall back on it when I run out.

I bought it for backpacking because having to worry about a weeks worth of tampons just in case was a hassle and disposing of tampons where there is no outhouse is not a good time. You can of course just toss in the woods but I prefer to be a little bit greener in the backcountry.

It works pretty good as long as you don't overfill it. It's not messy when you get used to how to handle it--which you learn when you use it crouched down behind a tree off the trail!


So I bought it and tried it out. My reasoning is that it'll be easier to keep on top of a cup than constantly buying and then forgetting to bring tampons. To that end, it was a success.

However, these things really are just like a tampon. Since I got my IUD, I've had to buy those "ultra-super, explosion of cotton in your vagina" type tampons and for some reason, I thought it'd be fine to buy the normal size of the cup. On my heavier day I was running to the bathroom every hour. Everyone who said this thing is a bitch when it over-fills was spot on.

According to one of the websites about it, there's a much larger cup that women with heavier flows go for. I bought that and will have to wait a month to see if it works better.


http://www.lunapads.com/blog/2010/02/flow-book-review-and-contest/ this might interest you...