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Extreme Girl Talk 2.0 -- Bras


Maybe not quite as extreme as Oleena's original thread, but surely I'm not the only one that has trouble with these things.

I went into Victoria's Secret determined to find some new bras only to leave empty handed and frustrated. Apparently, women with small chests and thick backs do not exist in Victoria's Secret Fantasy Land, so there is no need to make bras for them.

Any suggestions/brands/favorite retailers that carry cute, high quality bras and lingerie that fit?


Oh, I was just thinking about starting a similar discussion on my log about this the other day. I went to VS to pay my bill and got re-fitted. Went up a size (thick back I guess). Did you get somebody to measure you? I bought a new bra in my new size and I can't believe how much better it feels. I have floated around the 34C-D size for a while and she put me in a 36C. I do not consider myself as having "big boobs". The other thing is that some styles fit differently than others, so you have to try a bunch on to see which work for you. Some of the lines are just not suited to me. I like the Very Sexy, Body By Victoria, and just bought an Incredible the other day. It's a convertible, so I need it for strapless stuff now that spring is around the corner. Honestly, I have a really hard time w/strapless fits and I love this one. They always slide down below my pecs and then tops of my nipples are almost exposed. Don't know if any of this will help, but good luck on your quest BG.


Veggie, I talked to two girls when I was there. They measured me and insisted that I was a 34 based on their measurement and the fact that there was a "gap" between my bra band and my spine with the 36 I came in wearing. That "gap" exists because of my spinal erectors and would still be there if I squeezed into a 32.

They sent me in with a collection of 34 A's and B's, and 36 A's and B's. 34 didn't fit (they hurt, they cut, and my "pecs" hung out the sides) and I couldn't fill any of the cups of the 36's.

I've got some old Very Sexy Push-ups that I love. They're 34's but are completely stretched out. Of course, the new ones just don't fit like my old ones.

I hear ya on the strapless bras though. Those thing seem to be the worst. My strapless is from VS and its the best I've ever had.


Sounds like the sales girls were idiots. I tell you what I'm not pushing out on the cups on the one I just bought. I felt a little bit like I "wasn't filling out the cups", but it feels supportive and more like a glove. Oh, did you try any of the Very Sexy wireless pushups? I love those bras. I'm going back to get some in 36 because my old ones are 34 and getting stretched out.

I understand exactly what you're saying about your pecs hanging out of the sides. I really think that most of the problem w/bra fits for ladies like us is that we are more chest than boobs. I really don't have much boob, but my pecs are kinda thick, especially where they tie-in to my anterior delt. Makes it challenging when the upper part of your chest is shaped like that, and as most women are not, clothes are not designed with that in mind.

I'll be interested to hear if you find any better fits w/other retailers.


I gave up on bras a long while ago - I just wear stretchy crop tops. I don't have big boobs though. The problem is that they generally estimate by measuring around the boob, and then just under it, and the difference determines the cup size. For me, there's a six inch difference between those two measurements, but it's not boob, it's pec and lat. And bra manufacturers just don't expect women to be V-shaped.


I have several of the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Push-ups in every color. They run about $44 bucks UGH! but after trying on a zillion bras that gaped at the top I decided it was worth it. They do go on sale once in awhile at the Calvin Klein store. They are a great t-shirt bra. I like a demi-cut.

I've had zero luck with Victoria Secret bras. I've found some good strapless push-ups at Target in the summer months. Love finding a good bra for $12 bucks! When they come back in I'm going to stock up. Drumroll....Wait for it...32-A here - but I'm OK with that because they match my 33.5 inch hips. More than a handful is a waste anyway, right?


bras never fit me. I have small boobs, and a fairly big ish back/lats comparably. my back isn't big at all, but my boobs are just that small..
bras usually
1. fit me tooo tight around--cut in my back
2. cups that my boobs never fill so i end up with that weird underwire diggin into my sternum or the underwire floating above and over my boobs, or the strange gap between cup and shirt that's visible--like a pocket.
3. fit ok around but my boobs end up being pushed strangely into the middle of my chest, forming a sort of uni-boob..just bazaar.

i'm in cal's sorta position but i have no pecs. Just chicken chested--like Tori Spelling gap inbetween my boobs :{, larger lats, lil spazzo. I say sports bras for the win.


I love those stretchy crop tops you guys are talking about. I like to wear those when I'm not dressed up for anything in particular, but can't bring myself to wear them to work or anything like that.

I might have to try Target. Given the choice between expensive bras that don't fit and cheap ones that don't fit, I'll take the cheap ones, I guess.


Did you try the Body by Victoria when you were there? It is very forgiving in the band size and although it is plain they do have some cute designs this season. Online has more of a variation in sizes, I wear a 38 B but I have some old 36 Cs that still fit great, so I tend to buy online.


Am I the only one that buys my bras from LaSenza girl? I wear a 34 A or AA and the children's section of LaSenza has a lot more of them. Plus they cost $15 and have penguins and stuff on them.


You had me at penguins! Then I found out they are only in Canada and no longer have a .com :frowning:

Has anybody tried workout bras from Athleta?

Also, I've wanted to order some of the bra tops that Victoria Secret has - not a bra but stretchy camis and lower cut tops that have a bra built in? I'm wondering how they work for the smaller cup sizes.


get back to me/us when you figure it out, BG... I have another month before I can drive around to go looking.

I will, however, share my second to last VS experience. (my last one was with you)

Retard Sales Girl- Hi, can I help you find something?

--Yes, I've tried on a couple things, and it doesn't look like any of these come in my size. I have a big back and really little breasticles.

-(does not appreciate my use of the word "breasticles") Well let me measure you... hmmm... okay, well, what kind of bra are you wearing now?

--The little girl "sports" bra you get in a 3pack at walmart.

-(does not appreciate my mention of walmart) Hmm... okay... well, did you find one you like? Hmmm... okay, well, come over here and lets look at these... (brings me over to the fake boobie station)

-- Oh my, I don't know how these would work out. I've never been one to stuff.

-(does not appreciate my use of the word, "stuff") Oh no no no it's not "stuffing" its just a little breast pickmeup.

--(completely blank stare, long enough to make her fidget and look uncomfortable. I do not appreciate her denial or "little breast") Alright. So, I stuff my bra with these, and when he likes it and rips the bra off me, these little rubber things go flying across the room and he's left surprised and disappointed. Not my style.

  • (has no idea how to respond, and is left holding the fake rubber inserts she tried to hand to me) oh, well, maybe if you pinned them in...

-- yeah safety pin marks on my tits are EXACTLY what i'm going for... thats SO hott. besides, i really don't think that thing is going to be enough for me to fill this up. I'd rather use a sock or three that I already have.

  • hmmm, well, okay... maybe if you used 2 per side...

-- (stare. stare like it's middle school and you've just been presented with the quadratic equation. keep staring even after you're bored with it)

  • you could stack them like...

--(cuts her off before she can say and demo "this" by dropping my stuff where i'm standing) I'm past done here.



Powerpuff, its nice to have some company at the 32A rack. If you order the VS bra tops, report back how they work. I'm curious too.

I've had good luck with the VS Very Sexy gel pushup bras. I also tried on a good Body by Victoria, but didn't buy it. For less money, try Fredericks of Hollywood. I have one of their bras but it doesn't work as well as the VS. For the summer, I've had the best luck with silicone stick-on cups from Wal-Mart of all places. comfortable to wear and gives enough coverage (not alot of support, though) for small breasticles.

BG, if there is a Nordstrom near you that store has alot of unusual brands you don't see elsewhere. Big bucks, sadly.


I did try on one of the Body bras. They had one in my size. It fit the best out of all the options, but I hated the color (baby pink). I was so irritated at this point that I refused to buy it because out of all the goddamn bras they have in that goddamn store there was ONE that fit ok. Not one style. One single bra. I'm not going to spend $45 on something that I don't even like simply because its the only thing Victoria's Secret has to offer. Fuck that. I'll take my itty bitty titties elsewhere.


As for Athleta bras, never tried them but overall, they seem to have pretty nice stuff. I usually just wear the Champion sports bras from Target. But they've changed the style a bit and I don't like it anymore. Lately I've been buying the Gapbody racerback crop tops and got some good ones from Aerie cheap. I can't believe I haven't thought to check out Aerie for regular ones until now.

Bear--that's fucked up that a sales associate would recommend that you wear those inserts just so that you can get a bra that fits there. The problem is their bras. Not our tits.

Kimba--Nordstrom? Sigh. We ain't got none of those gotdanged fancy department stores round here. Alls we gots is a Walmart... Seriously though. I didn't realize that shopping in Ohio was so great until I moved down south. No Saks, no Nordstrom, no DSW, no Lululemon, no J. Crew, no Aveda stores, no Trader Joes. Unless you're in Atlanta.


I've got big traps in addition to a wide back. The straps on regular bras always slide down my shoulders. I wear racerback or T-back bras. Different brands and styles of bras will fit differently. I'm a 38C and need full coverage. My girls fall out of a demi-bra, forget push-up bras. Body by Victoria racerbacks fit me well.


I'm not sure about the cup to strap size, but I really like these for cheap yet comfortable.


There is also the option of buying a cup size that fits with a smaller strap and then using a strap extender to make it long enough.


Maybe something to make a day trip for is to go to an outlet and see if you can try a bunch of different varieties of bras on at one of those Bali/Playtex/Hanes etc stores. VS though smelling pretty isn't ideal for women that don't fit conventional shapes.


I'm like Momma, my straps always fall down. Last week I gouged myself fishing to pull the strap up...guess I need to file my nails. I've never found a racerback that fit me right, for a regular bra.

I have three or four VS Secret Embrace bras that I love. They fit me as close to perfect as any bra, but that's mainly because they are old enough to be stretched out to fit my back. The straps still fall down. I'm a 36C-38D, depending on the bra.

For sports bras, since I don't do a lot of hippity hoppity, I usually just get the cheap stretchy ones from Target. My meet bra is a bulletproof Under Armor one, that keeps the girls smushed up under my chin - good for the bench shirt.


i got a good laugh out of that cBear. Of course it's not really funny... Except it kinda is.

At the gym I go for 2 layers of compression (compression tank bra and compression singlet / top). Only needed to smash the bar into my boobs a couple times 'pull the bar close' to learn that that was the way to go. Smooshed uniboob isn't very flattering, though.

Aside from that I tend to wear the same compression tanks - but still a bit of a smooshed uniboob look. Have a couple bras which are alright... But don't fit perfectly anymore (if they ever did) that is true. Now I'm seeing some of what I have to look forward to next time I go bra shopping...


Speaking of sports bras and those support tanks...Am I the only one that can't stand wearing both at once? The support tanks never seem to give quite enough, but the two combined are just way too much. But maybe its just because I don't do anything that really requires much compression.