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Extreme Fatigue?


Pretty pissed off right now. I was supposed to wake up early and go surfing but ended up sleeping through my alarm clock instead.

I've noticed that whenever I have a really good workout I end up sleeping through my alarm half the time. Does anyone else have this problem or do I just need to get a louder alarm?(srs) Really starting to worry me as I start a new job on Monday and can't let sh*t like this happen.


Go to sleep earlier?


Take a hot shower 90 minutes before you sleep, or a cold shower right before you sleep.

The hot shower will raise your body temperature a bit, but after around 90 minutes your body temp will be lower than if you did not take a shower.

A lower body temp when sleeping will give you deeper quality sleep.

Get a 2nd alarm. Immediately when waking up, do not snooze. Instead you should expose yourself to bright light and drink some water. Walk outside if you have to or run. The bright light will raise your body temperature and make you awake. Even better if you can work out or run in the morning.

(from sleepwarrior.com and powerfulsleep.com)


Get a second alarm and put it to where you can't reach it from your bed so you have to get up.


Get more sleep. Eat more.