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Extreme Fat Loss Plan

I posted several months ago about my approach to fat loss based on the eating patterns of predator animals. I have to say I fell off the wagon for a while, not following my plan, but i’m back on track and the results are really fantastic. The plan needs to be tailored to the individual but I really think I have something that works, with a lot of research that supports it. When I finally reach my desired bodyfat I’d like to write an article, if anyone else is interested. I have a lot more research supporting increased protein synthesis (greater than with a spread pattern eating frequent protein meals) , and tremendous FFA utilization for energy with this plan. The keys are timing and eating the right meals before a fast for the effects to be optimal. Here are my guidlines as of now, and if anyone wants my theoretical explanation as well as scientific support, I’m willing to do an article as well.
-Workout 3-4x a week, following GBC/Meltdown training guidlines since anaerobic training is optimal for fat loss and muscle preservation compared to aerobics.
-ideally training in the AM before eating anything, supplements that help would be a fat burner (MD6, T2) along with glutamine, powerdrive.
-workout should be short, 30-40 minutes seems optimal based on personal experience, as well as advice from other authorities
-DIET - aim for 1-2g protein per lb. of bodyweight. Ratios can vary but best results come from high protein, low carbs, and moderate to low fat (mainly from fish oils/flaxseed oil) Carbs ONLY from vegetables (mainly green) and 1 cheat meal a week is optional. Aiming for a Paleo-type eating plan.
-post-workout, protein pulse meal, aim for 75% protein intake in the meal right after your workout, the remaining 25% can come within a 6 hour period after your workout.
(since research shows that transition from Phase II to Phase III of fasting causes a shift from mainly FFA usage for energy, while sparing protein in Phase II, to increased protein breakdown, and less FFA usage in Phase III), the transition takes place approx 18 hours after the last eaten meal. therefore, eat a post-workout meal. eat another meal 3 hours later and another 3 hours after that. By doing this, it will allow 18 hours time between your next meal, if you eat again the same time the following day, allowing MAX fat utilization with minimal to no protein breakdown.
-Cycling protein intake can be useful, and less protein can be consumes on non-workout days. An example would be 2g protein per lb on workout days and 1g on non-workout days.
-This plan mimics what the way many predatory animals in nature eat.

My sample plan. Currenly 6’3", 220lbs. (btw, I have a client using a similar plan, in 3 weeks he went from 217lbs to 199lbs, and is still making great progress)
Example (75% postworkout, 25% spread and 75% protein, 25% fat, carbs measured in total amount and not added to ratios)

75/25 plan
M,W,F before workout 2 MD6, 3 tsp. glutamine, 1 T2

M,W,F workout 9AM (GBC type workout)

10 AM after workout
-3 lbs chicken, turkey, lean steak, etc.
-3 fish oil capsules
-lots of water
-1 cup spinach

1 PM
-8 oz. lean meat
-3 fish oil capsules
-1 cup spinach

4 PM
-8 oz. lean meat
-3 fish oil capsules
-1 cup spinach

Then for 18 hours in a fasting state, eat the next meal the same time the following day (10 AM) non-workout days can be less protein, and a spread pattern may be optimal since the protein pulse meal will also stimulate insulin, it may be beneficial to evenly eat the 3 meals for less insulin release) this will mimic what has been done successful in studies, mimicking fasting with the intake of protein for less muscle loss. Take the EFA supps with the lean meat, and consume only small amounts if any vegetables. If you can tolerate fats well fattier meats and nuts can be consumes to keep insulin release to a minimum, increasing glucagon for more fat loss.
There’s much more I have to say but I have to run. This plan is working great for me and if anyone has trouble losing fat and are not affraid of trying something different, i’d like you to give it a try. I’m trying to use this with more people b/c I believe it is optimal for our genetics and want to have people successfully lose bodyfat fast w/out muscle loss.

I remember reading your last posts on the subject, and the idea is really interesting. I’d be willing to try it out, though I do have a few questions. Just to start with, any calorie guidelines? Are we to eat in a normal calorie deficit, just with the bulk of those calories comeing in a few meals after workouts?

Humans are not predatory animals, so why do you think that what “works” for them will be good for you?

Although I have reservations about doing a diet like yours, I am always open to new ideas and concepts. Please keep us posted on your progress and please try to write up this diet. I would like to see it.

I’d definitely be interested in viewing your long term results. I’m following a similar plan but spreading the protein out throughout the day and ditching the carb veggies in the “breakfast” meal. Your friend’s results sound decent.

I always wonder about these intricate diets for fat loss. One thing that pops in my head is, “once you get down to your idea bodyfat percentage, how do you start eating regularly?” I mean predatory animals don’t maintain journals and analyze their portions, they just eat when they’re hungry. Wow, I might be a predatory animal! I eat when I’m hungry…but I don’t chase down and kill my meals. Sorry, I was musing to myself, out loud. If this does indeed work with people who have had problems in the past with excess bodyfat, than cool. Go for it.