Extreme Fat Loss Diet

I know people will think i’m crazy, but I wanna try something really extreme to get ripped b/c nothing else is working, I can’t lose fat w/ keto for some reason, I just get bloated and fatter. I’ve talked to some other guys on a few message boards that have used a similar plan and it worked for them. This is my plan w/ a few modifications.
OK, according to Lyle in his Keto book, fat is unnecessary for ketosis and fat loss except for a small EFA requirement. I also believe it is beneficial for other reasons such as test. increase, fullness, taste, fat burning enzyme regulation, but anyway, a lot of fat isn’t necessary in terms of muscle sparing or ketosis, but for the reasons I mentioned as well as keeping calories high enough. Well for some reason I don’t handle a lot of fat well, some I need to cut back on it. I don’t handle carbs well at all, so there gone too, and they also interfere w/ fat burning b/c of insulin, so what’s left, PROTEIN.
I’m doing a low calorie, protein diet. Not a fat fast, getting 50% protein and 50% fat, but almost ALL protein, very low calorie. I’m gonna get 1g protein per lb. of LBM, which I guestimate is about 200g (right now I weight 220). I will take in 6 fish oil capsules a day as a source of fat, and thats it.
I’m be eating 2lbs of boneless/skinless chicken, 6 fish oils and drinking a shitload of water. I may use some Optimum Nutrition protein post-workout w/ creatine and glutamine. Also using MD6 as I’m sure i’ll be hungry as hell, alonh with T-2. I can’t stand having bodyfat anymore, this is it, I have been saying I’ll have abs this summer for 4 years, this year I will. Oh, and i’ll be eating in a protein pulse fashion, 2 meals a day spread 12 hours apart. 1lb chicken AM, 1lb chicken PM. Anyone try something similar let me know, I talked to 1 guy who got to 4% bodyfat and looked shredded and maintained decent muscle.

If you are eating 6 fish oil caps and 2 pounds of chicken breast a day then the ratio is not 50/50. Also, 2 pounds of chicken breast is way more than 200 grams of protein. All in all, This might work to lose some fat but you are going to feel like shit and your workouts are going to suck, and I doubt your going to stick to it. If you added some flax oil or maybe increase to 20 1000mg fish oil capsules you might be better off, but you shouldnt stay on this for long. When you go to take a shit after a few days of this you will probably agree with me.

Im not sure, but wont your body switch to using protein as it’s main source of fuel if all you eat is protein? If this happens, your body will start eating muscle instead of fat, since that is what it is burning for energy: protein.

That program should get you shredded. I would suggest eating half a chicken four times a day instead of one twice a day but if it works for you let us know. I would add some fiber to your diet as well. That could be the cause of the bloating. I eat 10 leaves of romaine heart lettuce and 10 sticks of celery. I just switched from taking Metamucil twice per day to using Citrucil and the Citrucil works much better for me. I added glutamine post workout recently and feel much better than before. MD6 works incredibly well for controlling my appetite. The only thing I can suggest to add if your budget allows is a supplement like Methoxy (Biotest’s only) and/or 4 AD. You can take the 4 AD at half dosage and you will preserve lean body mass. Right now I am taking half dosage of 4 AD for two weeks and then use Methoxy for a week and it’s working very well. You could stay on the 4 AD for eight weeks straight if you wanted. Best of luck on seeing the abs. I’m starting to see mine again and it’s great.

First of all, I highly doubt you will be able to stick with this for any length of time. 2 meals a day w/ hardly any fat and all protein? I admire your willingness to try something like this but its going to be nearly impossible to stick to. First of all, I would definitely split up the meals into at least 5 times a day, possibly 6. I think John Berardi published something recently saying that 2 groups of people ate the same type of diet(same cals and macros) but one group ate only 2 or 3 meals a day and the other 5 or 6. The group that ate 5-6 times a day lost mosly fat while the other group lost a lot of lean mass. So I definitely would eat 5-6 times a day. It will also help with your hunger pains that you will get. I would also eat plenty of green vegtables and salads to keep you full. As far as supplements, MD6 is a must to keep your energy up and for appetite suppression. Also T2 or T2pro will help. With such low cals and low fat I would DEFINITELY use MAG-10. If you don’t you are gonna lose a lot of muscle. I would take it at max dosages(2x/day) for the duration of the diet which I wouldn’t stay on for longer than 4 weeks. Then obviously start taking tribex and M for 4 weeks afterwards. I definitely wouldn’t do this diet without Mag-10. I would also use the 5x5 training method on this diet since you will probably die trying meltdown or fat to fire. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. If you need anymore help, please ask.

I imagine you will reak of ammonia from consuming nothing but all that protein. Since you don’t respond well to high fats I would just say to hell with the ketogenic diet and do more of a poliquin type diet. Get your protein and EFA’s in and get about 75 grams of carb per day from fibrous sources such as broccoli, cauliflower, salads etc.