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Extreme Efforts and Fecal Matter


(a) I treated a patient today who is traing for a marothon. He was dehydrated and suffered from heat exhaustion despite the sub-freezing weather. In typical Army fashion, he got an IV and Motrin, was monitored and sent on his way.
What brings me to the subject was that during his last mile, he lost bowel control. Lucky for me, his polypro's and windbreaker pants contained the mess, but not the stench. He stated to me that this is not an uncommon experience for marathon runners.
(b)Most of us have seen the picture of the weightlifter with the prolasped rectum. You know, the one where his pants are split, his bowels are hanging out and he is stuck in the bottom postition (PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF THIS, POST IT!). The write up explained how bystanders were spattered with feces.
Another pic I've seen shows an unfortunate girl at the bottom position of an overhead squat, or perhaps a snatch, with a wet spot on her, well, snatch, and a puddle underneath.
I imagine that the first is is rare, the second uncommon,however, with the extreme intrathoracic pressure needed to stabilize the body in heavy lifts must present some bowel and bladder control issues must be presentt.
(c) I have never quite lost it, but I have had near emergancies on heavy leg days. More than once, I have busted ass doing a deadlift, loud enough to get looks in a crowded gym, but what can you do but drive on, and laugh after the set.

(d) So all of this got me thinking, how often does this happen, where one shits themselves during a heavy lift. If you do, do you leave the gym immediately, or keep training (hard core!) In a meet, would the lift still count? Anybody do or witness this? For the sick twisted puppies like myself, pictures are requested.


When I was training at my old gym, the owner (a 50 year old dude), was doing a heavy squat day in his squat suit. He worked up to a heavy triple, and then said he was going to have a shit.

I went to have a shower about 30 minutes later, and he is still in there washing out the inside of his suit. He had a shit stain half way up his back.

I looked at him and had a good chuckle. He looked back at me and said "When I said I was going to go and have a shit, what I meant was "I've just shit myself, and now I have to go and clean up".

Good times.....


Dave Tate posted some article where he stated some opinions, facts, and generally "the way things are", where one being "A maximal squat is the ONLY excuse for a grown man to shit himself." I play it safe and drop the kiddies off at the pool on the way to the rack.


When I first started doing heavy Good Mornings about a year ago I nearly shat myself everytime I started bringing my torso up from the horizontal. Between then and now I must have learned to keep everything tighter. I never feel like I'm turtling anymore.


You can find the picture you are looking for here:


Mod Note: WARNING graphic content.


That's fucking gross.



But he did go on to quite the remarkable career as that goatse.cx guy.

My answer would be "yes" - Unless the size of the shit was significant to place one in a lower weight class, which the particpant automatically enters. Though, they are also automatically disqualified for the illegal use of plyometric defecation.

Could you please post this picture? I have an ultra-rare fetish for weight lifting chicks soaked in urine. It's sad, but I can't possibly orgasm without such a picture, and Flex magazine costs too much.