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Extreme dieting

  1. I have heard that by going way below maintenance (Fat Fast, Steroid Dieting, etc), your body goes into a starvation state and will hold onto the fat. Is there any truth to this? Also does supplementing with 4AD negate this? I have researched extensively on the success people have had on these diets, so I have no doubt they work, but I am getting ready to start Steroid Dieting (with Mag-10 or 4AD). Trying to get to 7-8% from 10%. Do you guys supp with ALA on this type of diet?

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There won’t be much of a need for ALA on Steroid Dieting, as carbs are extremely low. If you were going to include it, it would be post-training with your Surge, but even then I doubt it would make a huge difference. I would save the money on ALA and instead spend it on some T2-Pro (or old T2, if you can get your hands on it). As long as calories are low and protein is adequate, you should be able to shed quite a bit of fat without muscle loss in a short amount of time. Obviously, lifting and cardio play important roles, too, but I assume you know what you’re going do along those lines.