Extreme Dieting - How Does It Feel?

This question is for all those who’ve done either the Fat Fast or Steroid Diet. I’m contemplating doing one or the other coincident with the beginning of school. I’m wondering how you felt on such low calories – I’ve done super-strict keto diets, but never below 2400 kcal a day. I don’t want to retard myself; I need my brain to function. So, just how impaired was your brain while doing these extreme diets? Any input is most appreciated. Thanks!

I was a moron… but it was kinda neat to be that dumb, I had to have things explained to me twice, good times… but it only lasted for about 3 days (worst day was day 2). So maybe you can do it on a weekend and take a day off or something… did the ff with about 1500 cals a day.

It’s a total bitch on your brain. If you can’t handle school on it, try getting some Adderal (sp).

I’m just coming off of the steroid diet, and had my cals at 1600/day. I was fine mentally (I think the hits of power drive in the morning really paid off), but I had a TERRIBLE time trying to get out of bed in the morning. My recovery was pretty bad. But like I said, mentally I was fine…Good Luck…Matt

I did 800 calories a day while maintaining a strict Kung-Fu and lifting regimine and taking a single dose of mag-10 per day. No mental retardation during or afterward. Hunger almost killed me…especially when me and my friends went to pizza hut and I sat there curled up in a little ball convulsing on the floor.

I’m on day 5 of Steroid Dieting, and for me the diet is a breeze so far. I’m doing Meltdown I training and am about to do my 4th workout tonight and I am actually feeling better each workout.

The first 2 weeks on the diet I will be doing Trbex/ M then switching 2 weeks of Mag 10 2x per day. Alternating this for the whole cutting cycle.

Didn’t mean to go on about myself there but just wanted to let you know I was on some type of supplement program with the diet.

So far, and it’s early I know, but I prefer this diet over the T-Dawg.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

Some people may not believe this, but while on Fat Fast I suffer absolutely no mental fog, no bitchiness, or any of the other negative aspects of this particular diet. I used Power Drive, MD6, and the old T2 at the maximum daily doses though. I consider the MD6 and Power Drive as “must-haves” for a keto diet of any kind (at least until MD6’s replacement comes out).

With FF or Steroid dieting, It takes an adjustment period - the hunger makes me anxious and degrades my concentration (like reading). This tapers off after a few days, and by the second week everything is better. Your body can eventually resist and adjust to anything. Speaking of that, if you’re on these diets, don’t let your body become resistent to any of your workouts. Keep your workouts fresh (change it weekly), especially in your less energetic state. If you don’t, you’re going to find out one week that you’ve lost ZERO fat and then you’re gonna cuss yourself for wasting all that time eating 1000 to 1600 calories and receiving absolutely nothing in return.

Power Drive helps out tremendously on a low carb diet.

Right now I am on fat fast typeof diet. I also take androspray, mag10, T3, and EC stack. My brain is fine. I work in a research academic area, so a drop in mental performance would be immediately noticed. The only problem is that I am having trouble falling asleep, from all that T3 and EC combo.

Ok the FF made me an absolute dooling retard. I swear I could easily have qualified for special ed for the first 4 days then after that I was just sick as hell. It locked me up tighter than a drum even taking in 40+gr of fiber. Not good. This type of diet my body cannot tollerate. I have done keto diets and they have been alright, however the cut in calories too is just too much try it for a week that seems to be the determinant. If you can do it for a week you should be alright. I was really screwed up after 6 weeeks I should have listened to my body. Learn from my mistake. I took an insulin sensativity test ala Massive eating and it says my insulin sensativity is really good. If you are similar to that FF may be a very bad idea. I just cut out junk food and lose fat quickly.