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Extreme Diet for Me?


Here's the thing, I'm 17, 6'2, 205, and compared to most of my peers I eat healthy and train hard. However, for the past ten years I have been slightly overweight. I have never been obese,but I've been probably between 13-16 percent body fat for this whole time.

I feel like if I went on an extreme diet such as the get shredded diet and got lean, then it would be easier for me to stay lean. What I'm worried about is getting off this diet and blowing back up to 13ish percent even though I'm eating healthy and training hard.

I'm not sure but I think I've heard that once you get lean it is easier to stay there, so I hope that when I transition off of the diet I will only get up to about 10% which would be very preferable to where I am now. Or I could be wrong and I might just go straight back to where I am now.

I ask whether or not an extreme diet is for me because in the get shredded article it says that you should establish good nutritional habits and get down to sub 12 percent body fat before attempting this diet, but I'm pretty sure my nutritional habits are already solid, ESPECIALLY compared to some of my friends who are absolutely ripped but eat like shit.


I think you need a shrink. 13-16% BF is not overweight. Just focus on eating well like you've been doing and exercising. You're 17, give your body time to grow.


In my opinion this is the problem that needs to be adressed.

You don't earn extra points for doing things more "perfectly" than other people, especially if they are seeing far more results than you.

What determines whether or not your habits are right or "solid" is whether or not they're producing RESULTS.


I just realized that I forgot to explain this, but I'm pretty much eating as healthy as possible while I'm at school (I go to a private boarding school in new england) because the meals they serve aren't exactly healthy.

I was thinking that if I were to do an extreme diet while I was home and was able to, then when I went back to school I would still be leaner while eating the same as before because of the whole thing about it being easier to stay lean once you are lean.

To give you an idea, a daily schedule would be like this
Breakfast - 4 eggs, bacon ham or sausage(changes every day), a few pieces of fruit(melon, canteloupe, pineapple, bananas)
Snack - Metabolic Drive bar or Metabolic Drive
Lunch - Two sandwiches (turkey, ham, tuna, or roast beef)
Snack - SURGE Workout Fuel + Surge recovery on lifting days
Metabolic Drive on non-lifting days
Dinner - Whatever they have, half the time its some sort of meat and veggies, the other half it will be some weird type of pasta with some meat tossed in or something

I also keep some almonds in my room to snack on from time to time. But with this diet I have not been able to get lean, and I don't really see how I can eat much healthier given the options at my school. My hope would be that with a diet like the GSD I would get sub 10 percent and then eat like this at school and stay sub 10 percent.


Your diet appears decent given your circumstances. Beware mixing high fat sources, e.g. the almonds, while on a high carb diet. Eat every 2-3 hours. Counting calories will be harder because you aren't preparing meals yourself. However, a calorie counter book can help estimate your daily intake.

Next step is your training. If you already have a decent muscle foundation you should attempt 4-6 weeks on a programme that incorporates full-body circuits, and perhaps HIIT 1-2 times per week. Thibs has posted several articles on this site on this subject.
Give this a try and monitor your weight/appearance, adjusting calories if necessary.

Avoid drastic calorie restriction. This quickly backfires (trust me, I've been there - splitting headaches, unable to train). Good luck.


Well now I'm just confused...
I entered that information into a calorie counter and it gave me this
Calories - 2400
Fat - 70 g
Carbs - 240 g
Protein - 200 g

But according to the information on this site I should be eating about 3200 calories in order to maintain my bodyweight... I doubt its the activity level, I mean I lift four times a week on top of playing hockey 6 days a week. ( I just play club at my school, so it's not all that demanding)

In fact the get shredded diet only has me consuming 400 calories less, 50 g less protein, 190 g less carbs, and 62 g more fat.


At 17 lift heavy freaking weights and eat a lot of food...not necessarily a lot of crap...but a lot of food.

Don't worry about body composition too much now, especially given your stats. If you were a complete fatass I'd tell you differently, but your not if your stats are right.

Shoot for 4000 cals a day and see if you can hit it...the bigger you get the more you will need.





You are at an age where some people build massive amounts of muscle and get somewhat leaner as well.

Growing is cool. lol

Between 17 and 18 I put on 25bls or so without a change in bodyfat.

Be dedicated and it doesn't happen overnight.

It takes time...years even.

Keep it up and train hard.

Don't worry about your friends, just yourself everybody's body and genetics are different.

Make progress yourself and you will be fine.

Something I always tell myself...there may be those that are better than me, or those with better genetics, but I'LL MAKE DAMN SURE NOBODY WORKS HARDER or wants it more than me. I am a former athlete turned bodybuilder and the athletic background has caused me to adapt that motto to most if not all aspects in my life.

Good luck



At 17 you get BIG POINTS for doing the math yourself!! 6'2" and 205lbs; 2,400 calories a day is probably not adequate to fuel your schedule(your ratios look good IMO). I agree with the others that suggest increasing your calories(as close to 4,000 good calories as possible). See if you can get things moving toward getting strong and adding muscle first. You are entering an ideal period for development.....don't waste it getting all caught up in the 'Six Pack' Bullshit.


13% body fat is fat now?



Dude, you're soooo last year. 13% is overweight now.


Thanks for the advice everyone

And the only reason I want to drop below 13% is because lacrosse season is starting soon and I'm a junior getting some d1 looks, I'd prefer not to be carrying around 20 pounds of nothing.


You are 17 and still growing. I would advise you avoid extreme dieting at all costs.

The final choice is up to you. 13% body fat is not fat and the last thing someone your age needs is a hyper-restrictive diet as if you are trying to get into contest shape.

You won't be getting any looks if your performance suffers from being too dried out. Many athletes perform better above 10%. If it were truly a hindrance, you would have noticed that long before now.



as an athlete fuel yourself. If you eat enough 'healthy'
foods while getting the proper amount of calories you will be in great athletic shape if you bust ass in practice and the weight room.

Getting your calories from ice cream, snickers, soda, and other junk won't do it tho.

If your trying to build a racecar, put race gas in it.

Keep eating, you need more calories and I bet your performance will increase.

Last I knew D1 scouts care more about performance than bf%.



Alright you guys have convinced me I'm going to try and eat as much as I possibly can and just make sure that it's all clean and there's no junk.
Thanks for the advice all.