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Extreme Dedication to Lifting

i was thinking today about dedication to bodybuilding. i was working out at about 12:15 am and a rusty collar came off the dumbbell in the middle of the rep and fell flat on my face, breaking my nose. the people i told about this when morning came thought it was weird that instead of going to sleep or telling someone what happened i just kept working out. so i was thinking it would be cool to hear about examples of such dedication to this sport form the people here at tnation


how the hell did u keep training with a broken nose? werent u bleeding all over the place?


I've pushed myself so far with squats that I've started to bleed out of my nose and had blood shot eyes.

I feel light headed for hours after every leg workout.

I've turned down many social opportunities for the sake of a stable environment and a chance at a good meal.

I don't even compete in BB or PL, I just have a dedication to this lifestyle that I'll never get over.

I'm sure many on this site have endured far worse than this. IE: death in the family, etc.

Everything affects this lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, after all.


extreme dedication usually means you might be doing something stupid -which might end up hurting yourself- Dedication alone though is just eating well and working hard consistently for months/years to me at least-I'm still working towards this-.


I consider myself dedicated but not obsessed. We have to remember to keep a balance in our lives since bodybuilding is itself such a selfish sport. Dedication is good, but letting it change other parts of your life you enjoy is not so good.


Extreme dedication is sticking to your diet every day. Not necessarily a cutting diet: for some of us consistently eating huge amounts of food is just as challenging.


Extreme dedication = getting a PhD in exercise sciences.


There's a fine line between dedication and obsession. I'd also like to know what happened after you broke your nose as far as what you did with the blood.


frankly, if i broke my nose in a session i'd stop, get it checked over and continue training a day or two later.

I suspect that notable injuries will short circuit any strength or muscle gains anyway as the body focusses all on fixing what is broken.


I think of dedication as more of a long-term thing. When you put in 10+ years, that's dedication to lifting. When you become an elite powerlifter, win a national/international BB comp, or are on worlds strongest man, then that's extreme dedication to lifting.


Well said...


i think thats a good distinction. There's focus on a particular set or session and there's dedication over time.


I don't believe be obsessed is a bad thing. It shows that you have passion and that you really care about something. Especially regarding lifting in general. What better activity is there that provides you the benefits lifting does? In my opinion, lifting was the best thing to ever happen to me.


for those inquiring as to why i didnt stop when i broke my nose its because im not a wimp. it didnt hurt so i just wiped the blood off and kept going


That's interesting...
My dad was an olympic lifter in high school. he was captain of team during his time and had some quite impressive lifts. Real oldschool hardcore type, ya know, ass to the ground squats and whatnot.

Fastforward a few years later, when i'm in the third grade, my dad and I are having a catch. We were about ten or so feet away and i throw it to him, he was'nt paying attention and the ball hit him square in the nose. Now keep in mind, i'm no Cy young, especially at about 8 years old. My dad let out an agonizing scream and blood literally spurted out of his nose uncontrollably. He was rushed to the hospital and suffered a broken nose.

Moral of the story...I guess my dad is a wimp for not continuing to play catch with me. When someone REALLY breaks their nose it's quite the blood-gusher. I guess he thought getting it fixed right away was more sensible then playing catch with me until he lost enough blood and fainted or worse.


If you seriously hurt yourself their is NO reason to continue working out. It's not like your in the super bowl and broke your nose, its just 1 day lifting for personal gains.

Being stupid is a lot worse then being a 'wimp' Your lucky nothing did happen, adrenaline could prevent warning signs. Lift intensely but don't be stupid about it, keep your head.


i aint saying somebody who stops when the break their nose is a wimp. im talking about the kind of people who bawl when they stub their toe. and like i said earlier, it didnt hurt


There is a thread like this every week where someone feels like it is necessary to tell everyone else exactly how hardcore they are.


I have had things fall on me while I was lifting and have bloodied my nose up before and continued, but if I ever break my nose, really break it, that's the end of that session for me. And yes it would hurt pretty damn bad.

You might consider me a "wimp" but I'd love to see the guy who breaks his nose, has blood pouring down his chin and in his mouth who can continue to train as hard as I do(not bragging being honest). I'd pass out within minutes.


If I ever broke my nose, I'd try to keep going because, what could freak out the squat rack curlers and cardio bunnies more than someone deadlifting with blood gushing out of their nose and running down their shirt?