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Extreme Couponing


Anyone catch this show on TLC the other night? I never thought watching people clip coupons could be entertaining, but it was.

"Nathan Engels - Villa Hills, KY - Cartographer
Nathan started clipping coupons four years ago when he and his wife took a closer look at their finances. Now, debt free with more than 10,000 items stockpiled in his garage, Nathan is preparing for the biggest haul of his life. On his latest visit to the supermarket, Nathan is leaving with over 2,000 items - his most massive checkout to date. With 1,100 boxes of cereal, 300 toothbrushes and 60 bottles of hand soap, Nathan is looking forward to topping himself and saving thousands of dollars in the process!
Retail value: $5,743.00 Nathan's cost after utilizing his coupons: $241.00 - 95% savings!"


Nope; I was at the gym.



My girlfriend does this following the website www.iheartpublix.com and a few others and routinely get 100-150 dollars of groceries for less then 30 bucks....

The trick with most of this is stockpiling when its on sale.... I bought a large deep freezer so we could pick up fozen goods and meats when they are on sale...


I wouldn't eat any shit meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits or damn near anything else from a grocery store. I buy all my food from independent ranchers and farmers and they don't take coupons.

I'm am fucking cool!!!


I used to work grocery, I hated the coupon queens and they hated me. Other checkers would let them get through using coupons for the wrong items, or expired coupons, but that shit DID NOT FLY in my checkout lane.




Really, how long ago?

I ask because im actually working part time at a grocery store whyll I go to school, and the scanner will deny any coupons that are expired or don't apply to that item.


1994-2001. If the scanner denied the coupons, you could just enter it in as a mfr coupon.


The OP is just odd logic. So he spends thousands JUST to say he saved hundreds.


I think the OP is saying the guy got $5k worth of stuff for only $241. Not that he spent thousands of dollars.


I think that's right which makes no sense to me...the coupons in my area are for cereal, white bread and other shit food you'd never buy. I've never seen a coupon for meat, milk or fresh produce.

They do this shit like once a year on the news around here where someone uses coupons and the other person buys the same product except they buy the Store Brand. Price always comes out the same.


You may well make thousands of dollars in savings if you top yourself... but you'll be missing out on a hell of a lot of other stuff.


I clicked this thread thinking it was about extreme coupling. I r sad now.


My error. But the fucker still bought a lot of crap.


I would do this if I had a permanent residence, a big pantry, and a deep freeze.

You guys act like there is something wrong with saving money.


Not at all. But the amount of time some people spend on trying to constantly get good deals is like spending money they don't have. I know a guy like this. He whole ego is driven by how much he saves, or better, how he got one over on the man (he's a total asshole in restaurants).

I'd rather use that time to make more art, which makes me more money.


I am all about saving money, that is why I buy chicken breast and protein powder in bulk.

But... What the hell are you going to do with 1,100 boxes of cereal, 300 toothbrushes, and 60 bottles of hand soap?

That is besides building the best fucking fort ever conceived.


That's a great idea actually.

It can be called Fort Chex, and we can flick hand soap off of the toothbrushes, which act as catapults.


Watched it. I'm sure once the camera was off the cashier stopped smiling real quick.


My wife DVR'ed it. She tries to make me watch it with her. I might have to accidentally delete that when she's at work.