Extreme Caluses

I am working a very tough (to me) oly program that someone has given me. It is working great, but I am still fighting extreme calluses. I wouldn’t be too concerned with them except that they blister under the calluses (not as much any more, but still some). Any remedy? Just suck it up?

File them down with a pumice stone. Moisturize with bag balm.

Mainly just suck it up but there are things you can do to make it better.

Sandpaper and nail clippers are good to remove all the dead skin and keep the calluses down. Make sure you use plenty of chalk so your hands don’t get too moist as they will rip more if wet. Use straps for snatches when your hands get too bad (although try not to over use them and get reliant). If you get blood blisters get a pin and bleed them.

My bar at home away from the club is very sharp so my hands always get ripped to shreds when I am training at home for a long period.

Get your self a ped egg, best investment for not ripping your mits. If your calluses get too thick they will rip off your hands. You need to keep them filed down.

I’m not sure if this is unusual or not, but for me, after a while my calluses just became essentially invincible. So if you can use some nail clippers (let’s be honest, we just use our teeth) to keep them in check for a while, eventually it will become a non-issue.

Hahaha I’m always tempted to bite mine, but they’re so damn thick, every time I start biting them I get scared that my front teeth are going to break off because my 4 front teeth are all crowns - broke them in a bike accident when I was a kid =) bit into an apple one time and one of the crowns came out with it lol. So sad. So I just clip mine with a nail clipper and then smooth them out with a pumice stone.

Keep them filed down and they won’t rip. They rip when they get too big, and your hands are moist. A few minutes of filing will go a long way.

In the meantime, you can always just tape whatever is bugging you.

where are they on your hand?

i ripped my pinky palm callus and used his tape method for 3 sessions it healed back quite fast

Read all the replies and watched all the videos. Awesome help guys. Putting in an order in amazon for some of those little toys as well.

The taping a ripped callus was awesome! I would do what he showed not to do…runs a big thing of tape around the center of your hand…

Thanks guys!

If they tear use superglue to close them and save from having painful wound on your hand for a week. I know you weren’t asking that but that works so great I had to share.

Soak your hands in some hot soapy water after training.

If you’ve left them a bit too long and they are big/bulky then cut them off with a sharp scalpel.