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Extreme Calf Machine




looks interesting.



i'm confused at to what it does....does it just stop your feet slipping off while using regular machines.

Or is it a stand-alone machine?


Hmnn Roger Stewart always did have great calves (long before the amazing product shown here) , but this really doesn't look like much more than a tilting platform for your feet. Am I missing something? I'm certainly all for growing my calves -lol.



Thats what i thought when i first saw it.

He's going to use his genetically gifted calf development to flog this product, wether it works or not. But i don't really know how it works!


I'm confused as well...if you look under distributors it just looks like a rotating platform for calf raises. I don't see how you could possibly use free weights with this system though as you would fall off... maybe with a smith machine? Personally I like using an elevated box and I make sure I get the full stretch in and my calves are doing just fine.


What does it do? Do you just stand on and and swivel, I mean wft


Looks like a way for a dude to make some money licensing his name.

I guess I need to get some professional body builder type to sign my 2x4 to make a it an "official" piece of exercise equipment. lol


"best calves in history!"
"cheaper than a can of protein!"

I'm sold.


I'm figuring grab this monster calf maker and the Tower 200 and I'll be ready for the UFC by 2010 no problem.



"plus it's padded, so there's no messin' up yo door"


It may be cheap but is it as cheap as a 2"x4" ? lol!


Looks awesome for seated calf raises... Don't know if I would ever develop the balance to do standing calf raises on something like that. Lol. Would take guts to even try holding 300 pounds while raising on it.


Looks like it would be good if you have temper mental Plantar fascia.


I've had an idea for a calf machine that's like a cross between a leg press and a brake pedal. Basically it would hold your body in place while you use your feet to push a pedal through an arc motion. Pretty bad idea, I know.


Ok well I don't feel so stupid for not having any idea how the hell it's supposed to work since no one else can figure it out either. I'm telling you guys we need to come up with some hokey ass product to sell to the sheeple.


sadly, so sadly

the name will sell whatever the fuck this thing is


dude, we could do some kinda shoe that builds calves

like a super hgh heel and give it some kinda crazy name

or we could sell shovels, call it an revolutionary ab training device

The Shovelizer, Get Shoveled!


Found this on the "Distributors" page:


Second pic: