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Extreme Burning in Quad While Injecting


Ok quick question. I was injecting in my quad yesterday with a 1 and 1/2 inch 23 g was injecting 100mg of TNE and 100mg of Mast Prop. Everything went fine till about half way through and extreme burning sensation began so bad I had to pull out and finish in the glute. Today when I woke up where the injection took place with about an inch radius it's swollen and puffy and bruised. It's not warm to touch and it really doesn't hurt. The burning sensation and it being bruised and puffy are the only things that happened out of ordinary. Just wondering if anybody had any experience with this that maybe you could shed some light on what I did. Thanks


...on a side note use a smaller gauge needle, slin pins are all the rage now

Use slin pins and inject in stomach the needle goes in like pushing through butter.

I still use 25G 5/8 on delts, pecs, biceps and quads.


Probably you grazed a nerve. It could turn out fine, or it could do what mine did, and atrophy the whole muscle. More experienced people than me maybe have another explanation, though.


Heres a question, how fast did you push the plunger? You need to go very slow, too sudden and you can cause some irritation or trauma to the inner tissues.