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Extreme Bodyweight Exercises Video

And the point of this is?

awsome!!! as a former gymnast i really can appreciate the strength it takes to do these movements. reason why only a few replies is cause nobody can do these movements. i think its great to be built, strong , flexible and do things like these… not look like a pure b builder and move like a statue… see arnold jogging in pumping iron… 10 minute mile at best… terrible. keep up the good work

[quote]moshcamp wrote:
And the point of this is? [/quote]

Its advanced bodyweight exercises… for muscle building. They can be mixed into weight lifting workouts so your muscles dont get use to the same thing…

I would liek to learn. How do I learn how to do such things?

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look for the “bar tendaz” videos. those guys are wild.

How do you progress to the more advanced stuff like that is what I wonder. It’d be cool as hell to do that stuff, but where would you even begin?

Start with static planche holds.
Coach Sommers also has an article here, it’s about the iron cross

Your strenght is good, i’m guessing you’re fairly short? Also, for better effect, refine the movements - keep everything fast but flowy and through full range (toes pointed, keep your head still, firm up your positioning) - ends up looking way more gangster.


Very impressive! And here I thought me doing basic one handed pushups and one legged squats with bodyweight was a challenge. I’m inspired!


Cool workouts, and that room is pretty badass. Wish I had something like that in my apartment.