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Extreme Body Mods


Have you ever said you just need one more hand?



Only in America! That is just fucked up!


I bet the ladies love his finger.


This has got to be a joke right?

If it's not, then that's just sick.


They're in Canada.




If it functions then that's cool but if it doesn't then that's just dumb.
He's probably the only guy who can squat and deadlift at the same time.


What kind of doctor would do that kind of surgery?


That is disgusting.


No one reads the articles huh.

"Obviously there was no clinic willing to do a procedure like this (we didn't even bother to ask), so we had to do it all under local anaesthesia since we simply didn't have the facilities to safely administer general anaesthesia. We had a group of two practitioners and two assistants working on us."


The BME site has a whole eunuch area, I suggest not exploring it. Though it's kinda like the car wreck thing, you can't help but look. It's just incredible what people can do to themselves.


Should I add that this all stems from me talking to a guy that said he was really into suspension? I had to look it up.



New meaning to the term "functional".


Anyone put a dick on their face? I bet chicks would love that guy.


I don't understand this (strange body mod stuff). Why?

To each their own. If it works for these guys then I guess have fun.


Is that some sort of sexual deviant sort-of turnon? Notice most of those mods all have to do with genitals/nipples



I believe it was an April 1st joke.




They were sent to live with their Aunt in Toronto, from their home in Pheonix at the age of sixteen. It's all there in the article.

You both Fail!!


It was the corrupting influence of Canada. Why did you Canadians feel it was necessary to invade Iraq? I mean come on guys.

But whatever, I approve of what your President George Bush has done for the economy.


I'll up the ante on the grossness.

Look up the following (not while eating)

Genital bisection

There's some sick folks in the world. And, no, these ALL go beyond 'to each his/her own'.