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Extreme 2 week fat loss(Mag/10 steroid dieting??!!)

Right here’s the score - I have just been invited to a hotel with the hottest woman in the company - who saw a photo of me in summer when I was ripped(but smaller). Basically, she has made her intentions clear - and I want to be in shape. I can see the outline of my abs, and am not too far from where i want to be. I have 2 weeks; in my arsenal mag-10, methoxy, md6, protein, flax/fish oils, glutamine. I am currently on the 2nd week of ‘Meltdown training’ and need advice. So far my diet is pretty much the protein pulse diet, and am leaning nicely. I am tempted to go extreme low cals ala steroid dieting using mag 10 - anyone tried this? Brothers - youre help is needed. Mag 10, keto, extra cardio - what do you reckon’s best. Stay on meltdown? All help greatly appreciated

Fat Fast coupled with Meltdown Training.

tho with FF you’d probably only lose about 4 pounds a week max (guessing thoeth) good amount of initial water weight (tho it makes you wussier). Hmm… stay strong (mentally, chicks dig that) whatever you do.

Definitely somewhere between fat fast and steroid dieting. 1-1.5 gm of pro per pound of bw, and a little flax oil(maybe 2 tbl) a day.Take 2 doses of both mag-10, methoxy, MD6, and tons of glut. a day. Bust your ass in the gym, stay strict, do cardio if you can handle it, and use a diuretic like Taraxtone a few days before. I’d also carb up a little for 2-3 days before you go, you don’t want to be flat, weak, and grumpy for the big trip.Also if you could find some Maxteron and ThyroActivator(or old T2) they might help too.

I don’t know about others but as much as I love low carb and ckd’s for fat loss they almost always kill my sex drive. I’ve heard a few other guys complain of the same thing. Maybe it’s just cause I’m tired and bitchy, I don’t know. If you’ve never done a low carb diet you might want to wait for another time to experiment with it. It sounds like this is one weekend you want to have optimal lead in the pencil. Have fun!

im 2 weeks into my “MAG-10/Steroid Dieting” cycle. and i would have to say im pleased thus far. Im down 10lbs and have lost ZERO strength and ZERO size. ive followed cy’s outline to a tee, and its doing wonders. the only problem is that ive seemed to hit a wall these last few days, i havent been dropping anymore weight. so tomorrow i will start using md6 and T2, reduce my cals a bit more, and throw in some AM cardio. Good luck!!

Sounds like this post should be moved to the “steroids and other drugs” forum. Anywhoos, Magnus: low carbs always did kill my sex drive. That is for sure. That’s why rather than sacrifice sex while getting ready for a contest, I no longer go the low carbs route when dieting. Hey, you gotta have some percs while preparing for a contest, right?

I wouldn’t alter my training plan. Hell, she may want you now because you’re bigger than last year! Regardless, here’s what you do. Get her in the hotel room, and get her undressed. Go down on her while you’re still wearing your shirt. She’ll be so hot for you after this that she won’t care what type of definition you have in your abs!

3xKrazy - sounds like you have achieved exactly what I am trying to do. I have all of Cy’s info ready and am getting all the right food tomorrow. What kind of training are you following? Next week will be my 2nd week of meltdown traing, should I continue - if i do I wash going to chuch some heavy bag and sprinting work in on the off days - thoughts?

jj_360 - does that taraxatone really work? I have used the dandelion extract before - is it much different?

well i didnt follow any of the outlined workouts here at T-Mag if that was your question. I really didnt change my training that much, except for the fact that i was a little more “clock-conscious”, in that i was keeping an eye on my time between sets and such. i felt i needed to keep my workouts a bit shorter, basically because i tired out REAL quick. My lifting sessions ranged around 30-45 minutes. anything longer, and i would have just been going through the motions. i follow a traditional 5-day-a-week split. and like i said, i just recently added some light AM cardio on an empty stomach. i used zero carb isopure for my protein shakes, and then the isopure MRP for post workout. i highly recommend those; the taste is great, and the protein/carb/fat ratios worked out PERFECTLY for me, which was nice. also, i know this could get expensive, but i think shrimp cocktail (boiled shrimp) is a pretty kick-ass diet food. i ate those like they were going out of style. anyways, if youre interested, you can check out my food journal on fitday. com.

www.fitday.com/WebFit/ PublicJournals.html?Owner=3xKrazy

i recommend using that site to chart your progress, its a major help.

hope i was of some help to you. good luck!!