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extra workouts

For you guys that use westside how many workouts do you do per week? For the last 2 weeks I have been doing about 7 or 8 a week, I try to follow the out line in tnt II, but some times I just have to add extra work in my main work out because of my schedule.

Zero…i live by the words of paul childerss who has the 2nd best total in the world…if you work hard enough in your main 4 workouts you dont need extra ones…but even though i use my restday’s for recovery i will use my gpp warm-up to work on areas that need recovery…for example if my chest and triceps are tight or sore from my wensday max effort bench on friday during my gpp-warmup before my squat session i will add in a few high rep light sets of dumbell press for example…or if my legs are sore ill drag the sled on sunday before my bench session for example…it will get you in shape raise gpp and allow you to recover on your off days…big m

I started adding a GPP warmup like Big Martin does, but I found that by the time I started the real workout I was tired, so then I put them at the end, but I would find excuses not to do them. So…I do extra workouts with my clients, and I have a set of Powerblock Pros that I also use at home. I will do extra workouts whenever I have a free minute or two. IMO it can’t hurt to pop out a few sets of external rotation work or crunches etc as long as you aren’t damaging the muscle fiber. I hate cardio, so I get my extra calorie burning through the extra workouts. It doesn’t sound like much, but burning 10 calories here and there really does add up over time, both with physique transformation and conditioning.

I like the GPP warm up Idea.

I’d warm up with something like Dave outlined in the 8 keys part one, not with something like big martins. BM’s warm up would kill most. and gradually add an xtra set here a new exercise there and wham, before you know it you’re at BM’s warm up/ work capacity.

Generally I choose 4 exercises to warm up with and start with two sets supersetted. I try to add 1 set ans 1 exercise every week.

so week one is two sets, week two is three sets week 4 is 4 etc

on the added exercises I start at one set and build from there. After 4 weeks I start over (7 exercises)

Then you could group three to 4 of the exercises and keep them as an extra workout. Or just keep the warm up around 6 exercises and change exercises as needed.

I’ve found this to be effective for gradually raising work capacity. Over three months you could add 3 extra workouts.

Remember though, the porpose of the extra sessions is to improve the main workouts. If you are making progress at 4 or 5 workouts then I’d keep a 6 exercise warm up, once Built to, and stick with that

Do as few that you can get away with and get stronger.

If I could lift an empty bar of the ground once and go home and then squat 1000lbs., i would. I’d rather spend my time doing other stuff if extra workouts don’t help my total. Be sure that they do.

hey s600, that’s a good idea. I have a really great work capacity, but yeah Big Martin’s warmup is brutal…lol
Maybe my eyes were a little big for my muscles this time :slight_smile:

Perro Glad you liked the idea.