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Extra Workouts


A gym next door to my work just got bought out by a larger chain that I'm a member of. This makes it easy to get to the gym at any time/duration throughout the day so I'd like to take advantage of it if possible. I will still do all primary workouts at my main gym, during work it would just be like 20-30 minutes twice a week or so to keep this question simple.

1) Is this a good idea?
2) Should my main workouts be adjusted or keep exactly the same + add extra workouts
3) What type of lifts would benefit most during this time?
4) Anything I left out

Currently lifting and eating for size


To answer this question, people are gonna wanna know what exactly your training looks like at the moment:


also what are physique goals maintain, lose fat or gain muscle?


Gain muscle. Current program is push/legs/pull split, each has 2 different days so it takes 8-10 days to complete one round of the 6 workouts. Was doing 3 on 1 off but now mostly 2 on 1 off, depends how I feel on the 3rd day.


more specific..


Log on profile has everything for last 6 months, can't get anymore specific than that.


Without delving into your specific training and diet details, I would say that in my experience, I wouldn't be able to get much done in 20 mins besides some calves, or abs, or forearms... nothing that would really have a huge impact on my physique. Just because the location is now available to you doesn't mean that you must use it.



You could go in and do some light cardio just to get blood moving. Better then sitting in the office. Since you are gaining make sure to eat some extra. The cardio can help with recovery move nutrients and keep fat gain down. Just make sure to eat for the extra work.


if your push/pull/leg routine is set-up properly, all you need is extremity/accessory work to that end. I wouldn't do bis/tris as this would interfere with the push/pull. I think Stu's suggestion is good.

I'd probably go at lunch, and do variations on abs, single joint dumbell lateral side raises (push pull always tends to ignore this aspect of the delt), calves and stretching/foam rolling.

That way I wouldn't need to shower before getting back to work, like I would have if I did cardio.


That is what I was thinking, just ignore some smaller movements on my main workout and do them at work instead. I don't need to shower or change clothes either.


Would it hurt for him to use the workout of that day and do one set at about 75-80% of 1rm for a few reps? Or 80% of his load for whatever rep range he trains in.
Hell, with 20 or 30 minutes, perhaps just some mobility drills.
Maybe doing the lifts from the day before as active recovery??
Lots of options


if you've only got 20 minutes or so why not jump some rope to get warmed up (will only take 5 minutes or so) and then for the rest of your time hit abs hard.

I'm sure you could use some more ab work (who doesnt?) and two 20 minute sessions a week sounds like a pretty good idea to me.


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