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Extra Workouts for Westside

For any Westsiders out there: is it acceptable to perform the 15-20 min extra workouts (triceps, back, shoulder work) on days where im performing conditioning training like jumping rope or interval running?? Thanks for any input.

I’m fairly sure Westside doesn’t do jump rope or interval training. That being said, customize your program to your specific needs & goals. Which are what? Adding extra workouts depends on a lot of factors.

Machine -

Thanks for the reply. I enjoy jumping rope or doing sprints twice a week and its something i’m not going to sacrifice. I like the techniques and theories behind Westside and I want to give it a try. I will probably lift on a three day split, doing the two max effort days spearately and then combining the two dynamic days into one. Because of this, I’ll have to cut back on the extra work done on the dynamic day, so I want to throw in an extra workout. Any comments or suggestions?

See my reply to Binford concerning extra workouts.

Are you thinking you will overtrain by doing the four planned WS days, along with sprinting twice a week? If not, I would really try to keep to the plan as laid out…if so, maybe you shouldn’t be adding in extra workouts anyway.

I’ve trained on a split similar to what you’re using and did the extra work for most of the body on Saturday’s. It worked very well for me.

Steve - Yeah, I do feel as if I may overtrain, thats why I am going to try a three day split by combining the dynamic days. Your thoughts?

Kelly - Thanks for the input, much appreciated. How have your gains been using this type of a split??

Thanks again.

TD, I think that combining the dynamic days might work, but it is not optimal.

That being said, give it a shot…I highly value Kelly’s opinions and have to defer to him here because he has experience with the type of split you’re thinking about trying.