extra workouts for triceps

I am looking to add two (less than 30 minute) extra workouts in the evening of my leg days. The focus of these workouts is triceps. Mine are fairly weak, and holding me back on the bench. I’ve been trying to look for tricep exercises. It’s my understanding you are not to do any pressing movements during extra workouts, use no more than 3 exercises, and keep it less than half an hour. I am also supposed to switch up the exercises as much as possible. All I have are dips, reverse pulldowns, close-grip pulldowns, 10" grip pulldowns, elbows out extensions, elbows in extensions, barbell extensions to chin… Does anyone have any other good tricep builders for bench? Thanks

Try band pushdowns. I’ve read that Dave Tate suggest 100 reps a week with these…I usually do 2x25 twice a week in between my sets of me sq and de sq…you might also want to ask Big Martin, Brian Whiddon, Apwsearch…they all could give you some good advice I am sure. You could also check out elitefts q & a.

I would be very very carefull of this…i have tried this before with 2 diffirent weak points one of wich was my tris and it did not work and beat me really bad…i think snippdawg has the best idea with the band push downs…but doing what you plan to do could have a negative effect on you in the long run due to elbow stress…bm

For all intents and purposes, dips are a pressing exercise.

Rack lockouts with about 1/3 to 1/4 range of motion really hit the tricepts. I don’t find that they are that stressful on the rest of the body.

Other than that I like French presses (a standing tricep extension). I find a e-z bar or a reverse grip makes these a little easier on the wrists.

I don’t like skull crushers because you are always you know crushing your skull!

Along with rack lock outs(heavy ofcourse) try some floor pressing too.(also heavy). I like these lifts for the inner head… And i train with defranco who put me on to them