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Extra Workouts for PL


I am going to compete in my first powerlifting event this August. I'm going to follow the Westside System to get myself strong but I'd also like to get down to a lower weight class. I weigh 190 now and I'd like to hit 170 lbs in three months. I'm not sure of my bodyfat but I am sure that do have the twenty pounds of fat to lose. My diet is definately in order now that I've graduated from college and stopped partying. I'm going to use Hot Roxx and/or it's newer version should it come out in time as well as good oils. My question is, what tips would give someone in my shoes regarding extra workouts to lose fat that will simultaneosuly help me get stronger? I have access to just about every training implement (kettlebells, strongman equip, GHR and rev hyper machines, bands and chains) you can think of except clubbells. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


To all reading, I met Joe in person at a Westside seminar last month. He really is a great coach as he helped me and others with technique and answered all of our questions. I'd highly recommend his upcoming seminar and video.



Losing 20lbs. in three months can be counterproductive to your strength gains - even if you have a lot of fat to lose. If it's your first contest, I would suggest that you just lose the weight gradually and enter into whatever weight class you fall into at the time. Your first contest is more about the experience than the numbers that you put up. Plus, if you lose the weight gradually, you'll end up posting better numbers anyway.

As far as extra workouts are concerned, I love sled-dragging workouts. There are so many variations to choose from. You can start with 2 extra workouts a week - 1 upper body and 1 lower body and see how you do. Walking around with a weighted vest is another great way to increase caloric expenditure. Also, on your non-lifting days, don't eat as much - especially sugars.

Hope these tips help.