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Extra Workouts During HFT?

I’m currently doing Chad Waterbury’s High Frequency Training where I work out four days a week training my entire body. My question is, would it be beneficial to do calisthenics (pull-ups/push-ups/ab work) and some cadio on off days? My current goal is to lean up while keeping my current strength level. I was thinking maybe do this on two of the off days and rest completely on the remaining off day. So, what do y’all think?

If you do the eatra work bro it needed to be VERY light and NO where near failure. You oprogress and grow NOT while working but while resting and your all ready hitting everything 4 times a week.

In short NO or keep it very light like feeder w/o’s now being active palying BBall or something thats all good.


Since you are posting in this forum, I am going to assume you are a beginner (if this isn’t the case, stop reading now and disregard this post). If you read through the numerous HFT training articles that Waterbury has published, I believe he has said that the HFT programs are for more advanced trainers. His ABBH and TBT programs are more beginner geared.