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Extra Wide Lifting/All Around Shoes?

So, I have wide feet. I wear a 12 4e shoe. I tried the Reebok Nano 5.0 and they fit my right foot, the problem is I couldn’t get them to fit my left foot due to my foot being rigid since having flat foot corrective surgery. I would have been able to get them on, but since the tongue is sown in for some stupid reason, I wasn’t able to. I tried on a pair of New Balance 1267 Cross Trainer, but they were too tight even trying on 12.5 4e. The store ordered me a pair in 13 4E, but I’m not sure even if they fit if I want to get them. They felt kind of squishy when I put them on. The worst shoes that give me knee problem are the ones will all the gels, sadly all the wide shoes want all this support and gel and all this other junk. Oh yeah, before anyone asks I am not going to be doing heavy deadlifts or squats in these shoes until I regain flexibility in my feet(need the other foot done). I am hoping to do some leg pressing though until I gain back all the flexibility.

I recently got the Reeboks Crossfit Power Lite and they have pretty wide toe boxes. Amazing shoe for lifting in also, I wouldn’t run in them though.

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Alright, I might just order 2 pairs of them. One for lifting and one for walking. I tried on the “ROS TR 2.0” and they won’t even fit on my feet, even in a size 13. Never mind, it seems now that the newly upgraded, very narrow model has come out; I cannot find them in a size 13". At this point, I feel like I need to become Donald Trump’s son-in-law, marry into his business, then buy a shoe company in order to have shoes that fit, work well and don’t get discontinued.

I’ve got wide feet too. Vibrams may look goofy, but I like lifting in minimalist shoes. I don’t think of them as much more than a germ barrier, and a way to fulfill my gym’s requirement that shoes of some kind be worn. It is not a whole lot different from lifting in bare feet, and I’ve always liked the idea of being strong on my own feet.

If your feet are different size I think they would probably fit fine. I got the KSO model. It is basically a 2mm rubber sole with an elastic glove for your foot, along with a velcro strap.

I’ve tried Chuck taylors, Nike Romaleos and a few different run-of-the-mill athletic shoes. I like my Vibrams. The only complaint I have is when I squat into the high 400’s on a hot summer day, my foot sort of slides outwards a bit after I get set. This is due to the sweat, the pressure from the bar and the elastic material, which doesn’t give your foot something stable to brace against. It probably doesn’t help that these ugly shoes are over 2 years old now either.

This hasn’t gotten me hurt or caused me to miss any reps. If I manage to get stronger I may reconsider my footwear, but this wide-footed lifter favors minimalist shoes.